Puppets inspire hope in the disabled

Light of Hope Community Church uses new tools to deliver its message

Photos by Light of Hope Community Church
Stacie Diggs entertains the audience with one of her puppets.

■ Chronicle News Staff

The Dream A Neon Puppet Team Ministry is a way of uplifting and inspiring the disabled, the young and the seasoned with puppet shows performed throughout Hemet and San Jacinto. The ministry was founded by Stacie Diggs who runs the Ministry Department at Light of Hope Community Church.
The puppet show is Christian-based and has been operating for almost a decade consisting of performances and painting events throughout the valley. Its mission statement is, “Be inspired by your paint.” On Dec. 22, the Dream a Neon Puppet Team will present a Christmas musical puppet show in the Hemet High School Theater.
Diggs started using puppets and doing abstract paintings when her son was born. She said her son inspired her because he is severely handicapped. The neon puppets and abstract painting are for sensory development.
According to Diggs, her business will benefit the citizens of the valley by helping other families dealing with disabilities. She says that the sale of her paintings will fund materials needed to continue to put on the inspiring puppet shows.
All of the paintings supporting Diggs’ Dream A Neon Puppet Team Ministry are original and reasonably priced ($20 – $55). Stacie Diggs says that investing in the ministry is a way for people to give back to the community. Diggs’ paintings are on display on her Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/DreamaneonPUPPET/.
Light of Hope Community Church is located at 426 W. Esplanade, Suite B202, San Jacinto, 951-487-2400. The pastor is Larry Diggs.

To contact Stacie Diggs, call 619-843-4615, or email sdpuppet@gmail.com.

Stacie Diggs has been using puppets as a way of uplifting and inspiring the young, the disabled, and those who have lost hope.
The sale of her paintings helps Stacie Diggs support her puppet ministry.

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