Teens learn discipline, skills at San Jacinto Police Explorer Post

The honorees learn of promotions at fundraiser to benefit Explorer Post 347

Dennis Fletcher
Three volunteers help set up the dining room at the San Jacinto Community Center to entertain some 200 guests.

■ Dennis Fletcher / Contributed

Families of teens belonging to San Jacinto Police Explorer Post 347 held a rousing fundraiser dinner on Friday, Sept. 14, to benefit the Explorer Post. Funds were raised from the dinner and selling raffle tickets for a chance at door prizes. Money generated will go toward paying for the post’s equipment and training. The dinner was served to families with young teens enrolled in the popular police Explorer post.
Jasmine Rubio, one of the parents, contributed 200 sought-after enchiladas and 40 pounds of carnitas for the sumptuous dinner and dessert served to around 200 guests. Jasmine is a sitting member of the San Jacinto Unified School Board of Governors and is running for re-election.
Rubio’s son, Jason, said he was attracted to the Explorer post and inspired by stories brought home by his sister, who already was in the Explorers. Says Rubio, “They really are polishing diamonds here.”

Cindy Boeing
Several members of San Jacinto Police Explorer Post 347 who attended dinner fundraiser. Back row L to R: Rafael Ramirez, Nathan Santizo, Michael Lomeli, Alex Dove, Isalam Johnson. Front row L to R: Ariana Montoya, Cassandra Mota, Kassandra Rodriguez, Aylene Gonzales, Ruben Flores, Armando Serna.

We also spoke to Gustavo and Leslie Haro, parents of Susan Haro, in the program for a year since she entered the post at age 13. The Haros said the Explorer program allows their daughter to build discipline at a young age and, as a resident of San Jacinto, provides an opportunity for her to help improve the community.
Manuel Zárate was the DJ for the evening, playing a variety of music styles including cumbia, mariachi, and salsa that kept spirits elevated all evening. He is a junior at San Jacinto High.

Explorers promoted from corporal to sergeant were: Aylene Gonzales and Armando Serna.
Promoted from squad leader to corporal were: Ruben Flores and Michael Loneli.
Isaiah Johnson, Mikey Sanchez, Ariana Montoya, and Kassandra Rodriguez received promotions from assistant squad leader to squad leader.
Promoted to assistant squad leader were: Alex Dove, Cassandra Mota, Rafael Ramirez, Nathan Santizo, and Seth Moll.

Learning supervisory skills
Promotions introduce the Explorers to additional opportunities to learn supervisory skills, access more training, and provide opportunities to organize and manage events, according to San Jacinto Police Cpl. Jay Daugherty, one of three police advisors to the post.
Police Explorers participate in security details, traffic control during special events, DUI checkpoints and award ceremonies. They are expected to look and act like professionals.
Police Explorers attend a weeklong Explorer Academy at the Ben Clark Training Center, which consists of physical training, defensive tactics, force options, scenarios, vehicle stops and drill.
To learn more about the San Jacinto Police Explorer Post 347, visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/sanjacintopd/posts.

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