Hemet Fire acquires additional unit

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The City of Hemet Fire Department continues to make significant strides in improving its Emergency Fire and EMS response services. On Oct 1, “Medic 1” was placed into service. Medic 1, staffed with firefighter-paramedics will provide for additional emergency response capacity in the City of Hemet. The unit is a smaller squad vehicle type, staffed with two highly qualified firefighters trained in Basic and Advanced Life Support. A total of six firefighter/paramedic positions were recently approved by the City Council as part of the Fiscal Year 2018/2019 budget.
According to Fire Chief Scott Brown, “Our operational focus has continued to place emphasis on evolving the Hemet Fire Departments emergency response services – the addition of the Medic Squad is part of a focused strategic effort that places emphasis on building additional emergency response capacity, including implementation of Emergency Medical Dispatch as well as demand driven staffing to address peak demand emergency response needs for the Department.
According to Mayor Michael Perciful, the City Council has strived to ensure that Public Safety is a priority for our residents – the enhanced Fire and EMS emergency services have in large degree been made possible by the passage of Measure U. The Mayor went on to say, “The Hemet Fire Department’s budget and spending plan is fiscally responsible, the services it provides will be measured and those outcomes will be shared with our community.” The addition of Medic 1 will allow the HFD to address the dramatic increase in EMS calls for service in our City.
The Hemet Fire Department responded to 16,918 calls for service in 2017 – each of HFD (five) fire stations are fully staffed with a paramedic-staffed engine company. Firefighters are highly trained in fire suppression, rescue, including specialty disciplines such as Hazardous Materials response, Urban Search and Rescue and wildland firefighting.

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