Lady Titans trampled by Lady Mustangs

Girls Volleyball: Tahquitz saw West Valley onslaught at home last Friday, losing 3-nil to the Mustangs

Photo by Corey Evan
Action shot taken during Friday’s Titan-Mustang matchup.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

We’re all the same inside. But when you’re playing against a crosstown rival, that’s easy to forget. But as the volleyball girls of West Valley and Tahquitz High Schools got lost in their game in the Titan gym on Friday September 28th, it became clear that there was good reason for them to.
Set one started out well for the Titans, as they got off to an early lead. But as the Mustangs got into their element, they quickly reminded the Titans why West Valley had a 16-5 record going into this game. It quickly became a one-point set, and stayed that way until the Mustangs pushed through to win this set 25-23.
The Mustangs got off to a running start in the second set, quickly taking a commanding lead. A few Mustang errors gave the Titans a chance to come back, but they couldn’t quite hit the strength. This one went to West Valley, 25-16.
Going into set three, it was clear that the Lady Titans had ‘horseradish’ on the brain. They tried their best to resist the Mustang onslaught, but in the end the Titans just couldn’t get the Mustangs out of their heads. With a 3-nil win, this was game-set-match for West Valley.
While today was clearly the Mustangs’ day, Coach Shaun Pulsipher admits his girls had to make quite the run to take it. “They’re extremely scrappy, their setter is unbelievable… We had a very hard time putting the ball away in the first set. We weren’t taking them lightly at all.”
Titan coach Janette Placencia admits her Titans could have handled the horses a little better: “The first set they played great. After that, I think they kinda got into our heads a little bit and we just may have lost the reins on that.”
Helping secure today’s Mustang win were Molia Tiua kills, Aubrie Fleming with five and Jordan Hubbell with four. Madison Hubbell led aces, with four.
Despite a losing game, Placencia cites Titan Caitlin Cunningham as her top player for today.
This win brings West Valley up to 4-2 in Mountain Pass league play, 17-5 overall by press time. The Titans are hanging in there, but with a record of 1-5 and 5-13 have plenty of room for improvement. Their next chance to strike is at home this Friday at 4:30 p.m. as the Beaumont Cougars make their way to the Titans’ court.

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