LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – October 4, 2018

Dear Editor,

City Manager, Allen Parker, discussed the median down Florida at the last council meeting. Business owners know that the median is being shoved down the City of Hemet’s throat by CalTrans who owns Florida Avenue. While our City Manager had proposed many alternatives, Caltrans had made no concessions.
Great news! Hemet City Manager Allen Parker played some politics and contacted a third generation lobbyist in favor of Hemet. Lo and behold the main individual from Caltrans who was forcing Hemet to take the median had quit last February. Additionally, another Caltrans representative who was roadblocking Hemet’s plea is also gone. None of this was conveyed to Allen Parker until he started digging deeper. Thank you Allen Parker for your efforts!
Bottom line – thanks to City Manager Parker, there may be some life in NOT getting the median on Florida Avenue! For sure there is some life in his trying! Keep watching our City Manager.
Additionally, the City Treasurer Judith Oltman did not report on Hemet’s investments of $72 million during the months of July and August. While there are seven Measure U people watching $10 million, no one and I really mean NO ONE is watching the $72 million under City Treasurer Judith Oltman, who has been in office since 1996 according to the Riverside Registrar of Voters.
Everyone should attend council meetings and hear good news first hand.

Sue Savage

Dear Editor,

In response to Nancy Eller:

I hope you do realize the House and Senate are in Republican hands. I would also like to mention that when President Obama was in charge, they were in control. Nothing was done. Now Mr. Trump is in the White House, the House and Senate are still in control and still nothing gets done. Oh, excuse me, they did give a tax break to the one percent. Of course we got one also, but please don’t get upset when you see what your taxes are going to be next year.

V.B. Hemet

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