Defenestration involves jumping or being thrown from the top, Part 1

■ By John Bush / Contributed

Trump’s ultimate, but figuratively, defenestration can only be brought about most quickly by the citizens most worthy to benefit from his lofty fall. That will come about only by them all running as one to the ballot box. The midterms are now most important in bringing this about and coming first we shall start this process now, post haste. The next and best chance for us after this will be the 2020 primaries and general elections throughout our country. That may be far too late! Why is this so?
Well for one thing the IQ of the population in our country is representative of the world’s IQ. This means all people or simply all normal people, with exceptions. It is proclaimed to generally be about 100 per individual. It is seemingly doubtful that it could effectively be that high, when factoring in some considered rules dealing with mob psychology, as I am to explain, and the massaging of the media.
When I factor all of that in, I propose it is reasonable to assume as much as 10 percent of that 100 IQ average figure is likely rendered ineffective and unusable in any given individual who is trying to sort out and decide his or her position on any given corporate interest. The interests of the U.S. and the interests of the state we live in generally reflect some of an American individual’s corporate interests.
The individuals that make up our masses are probably running around on a daily basis forming their opinions and making their decisions using an effective equivalent IQ of 90. And, moreover, they are almost completely honest, good hearted people who mean no particular harm, only their good will. Everyday brings a new message for them from both sides. But, we seek it from the left. They seek it from the right. For the most part we all are running around with a 100 IQ.
In this case, I see our President as merely another of us 100 IQ folks; not particularly intelligent, only that he has much more cunning and common sense as far as his individual wants and desires go than I do in my own interests. From what I see he also has innate skill at massaging the outcome of things as the President, especially the media, as he lies throughout.
He does not deserve any sympathy for his plight from any one of us or anybody else in my view, not even his supporters. He doesn’t deserve to be encouraged in his endeavors. He doesn’t deserve praise or cooperation, or kind words. I have been a liberal and leftist for all of my adult life and I have never talked this way about any president, left wing or right wing. I have always respected them too much for their office until for now.
Trump’s strategy, tactics and operatives have actually been able to convince and cause an awakening or awareness in, a substantial part of our people to agree with the following propositions:
1) There is nothing wrong with a President who flaunts all social graces and then lies about everything he has ever done and;
2) It is okay for the U.S. Senate to consent to a Presidential nominee when that nominee has patently lied to senators in mass.
This previously happened when this same nominee was first nominated to a seat on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals where he appears to have been reasonably accused of dissembling in order to win that position. Now, this justice appears to be once again a very artful dissembler in front of some of the very same senators while seeking a majority of the body’s consent to serve as a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, manifesting that the end justifies the means, at least for these folks.
No good, decent Alabama voter, as most every one of them are, would ever do what Trump, Roy Moore or Justice Kavanaugh did to obtain a desired result because it would involve lying in order to do so. This is because they are charged by their beliefs and their God to act right and do good to come to a good end, to have good things. We have all been convinced otherwise about these three men, and generally about the political left in general who are now to be treated as an evil group of men and women…

Editor’s Note: To Be Continued – Part 2 in the issue of Oct. 18, 2018.

John C. Bush is a practicing attorney at law. He is a trial attorney and he limits his practice to personal injury claimants and plaintiffs only, with rare exception, but in Hemet, California.

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