First responders appreciation at The Village

Residents recognize local first responders with ‘Grab n Go’ lunch boxes

Photos by The Village Retirement Community
HFD and residents of The Village were all smiles during an honorary luncheon held for first responders.

■ Michele Ryneal / Contributed

A First Responders Open House was held on Thursday, Sept. 27 at The Village Retirement Community in Hemet. Residents and staff of The Village came forward to deliver a special thank you to the first responders by holding a reception and lunch with “Grab & Go” boxed-lunches.
Several first responders who had time sat and enjoyed lunching while visiting with The Village residents and staff. The ‘Grab & Go’ boxed-lunches were ideal for those first responders who were on the clock. Conveniently, they were able to grab a lunch box and experience the warm gratitude of The Village residents who happily sent them on their way to continue their work day.

Hemet Police Department’s newest K-9 Officer, ‘River’ and her handler, Officer Benjamin along with Village Resident, Lee Watson.

The open house reception was attended by several members of the Hemet Police Department, the HPD’s K-9 Unit, HPD Volunteers, the Hemet Fire Department and their “Medic 1” Unit (the department’s newest support unit, staffed with two highly qualified Firefighters trained in basic & advanced life support, is poised to provide additional emergency response to the City of Hemet) and local EMT’s.
The Village residents got a chance to get up close and personal with an HFD fire engine and enjoyed meeting River, the HPD K-9 unit officer and his handler, Officer Benjamin. There was standing room only in The Village lobby and atrium while residents and staff took the opportunity to thank the first responders and share their appreciation and gratitude for all they do for the community.
“First responders are known for their self-sacrifice, and timely reactions to emergencies. They display true grit, compassion and courage. We, at The Village, were honored to take a moment to thank those who are called to action to protect and serve our community,” said Valerie Machain, Executive Director of The Village.
“These brave individuals are the folks we count on during a crisis. And, everyone at The Village sends out a heartfelt salute to all the first responders!”
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