Hemet firefighters host 2018 open house

Public gets a close-up look at the people and equipment keeping them safe

Photos by Cindy Boeing / The Valley Chronicle
At the annual Hemet Fire Department open house, firefighters demonstrate how they extract trapped victims from a vehicle after an auto crash, a scene that has played out lately too often on the local highways.

■ Chronicle News Staff

The Hemet Fire Department opened its doors last weekend and invited the public in to see their equipment, people, and operations.
The annual open house was a particular eye-opener for the children of Hemet who were awe struck by the size and complexity of the firefighters’ equipment. To see a ladder truck up close is an experience some people have only once in a lifetime.
One of the more frequently appreciated pieces of equipment, particularly of late, is the Jaws of Life, a spectacular piece of engineering that firefighters didn’t always have at their disposal. In a bad accident, minutes count in removing a victim from inside the auto and getting the person to the hospital as soon as possible. It wasn’t always that way, and many have died as rescuers who didn’t have such a tool were unable to extract an injured victim before it was too late.
Teaching children fire safety is one of the more important lessons youngsters must learn as they grow up. Too many fires have been started by little people who were careless with fire, a powerful tool they must learn to manage with great care. Visiting the fire house and getting to know the men and women who are trained and ready to extinguish fires that get out of control is a life lesson well learned.

A view from inside the Hemet Fire Department’s ladder truck provides insight into what it’s like to be a fireman on the way to an emergency.
The citizens of Hemet own this beautiful fire truck that is in constant use by the Hemet Fire Department to deal with fires and other emergencies.
Children Avery, Austin, Kaydence, Charlotte, and Sophia in a memorable childhood shot.

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