Oldlympics Awards Banquet 2018

Tuesday evening capped off record-breaking Oldlympics season with accolades and appetizers galore

Photo by Corey Evan
The winners were fantastic.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

Few local sporting competitions create as much buzz as the Oldlympics. And this year, the games set new records! The 34th Annual Oldlympic Games concluded their gangbuster season on Tuesday, Oct. 2, with their annual awards banquet which was so well attended that participants had to park down the street from the Valley-wide Gymnasium on Esplanade Avenue. This also included some cases of double-parking, for which we are not naming names.
This year, the Oldlympics saw their greatest turnout to date: A total of 645 participants registered across 23 events, exceeding even Valley-wide general Manager Dean Wetters’ expectations: “You guys really came out, and you played your hardest…And I cannot tell you how proud I am of your program and your participation. Thank you very, very much.”
The oldest participant at this year’s Oldlympics was Jack Honberger at age 94: An oldie-but-a-goodie.

Photo by Corey Evan
And the food was wonderful, and plentiful!

First prize accolades went out to these participants:

• Women- Betty Griggs
• Men- Tom Bostwick

• Mix-Singles Championship – Ray Ackenhausen
• Mix-Singles Consolation- Jerry Yakel

Table Tennis:
• Women’s Singles: Julie Kay Zeller 50-59, Yilu Ma 60-69, Sarah Sweeney 70-79,
• Men’s Singles: Theo Burris 50-59, Derrick Stockhausen 60-69, Willy Escobar 70-79,
• Mix Doubles: Theo Burris and Pete Antoine

Tournament Blackjack:
• Shirley Depasse

• Division A: Tom Bostwick
• Division B: Fred Saenz
• Division C: Ron Chambers

Swimming (Most Gold medals):
• Women: April Proffitt, seven gold
• Men: Bill Coles, six gold

Lawn bowling:
• Women’s Singles: Ruth Schneider
• Men’s Singles: Michael Mensing
• Mixed Pairs: Karen Lacroix and Rick Hernandez

Nine-hole Golf:
• Women: Karen Harris 60-69, Sandy Machen 70-79, Lois Fleenor 80-89, Loretta Smith 90 plus
• Men: Walt Costa 50-59, Glen Gaylon 60-69, Harry Derek 70-79, Joe Norris 80-89, Harry Radee 90 plus

18-hole Golf:
• Women: Amber Brown 60-69, Barbara Sweeney 70-79, Eva Wyatt 80-89
• Men: Rich Schweitzer 50-59, Bobby Lowe 60-69, Hank Dominguez 70-79, Milo Espejo 80-89

• Singles deck: Don Ambrosius
• Doubles deck: Marillin Hindus

• Championship: April Proffit
• Consolation: Nancy Thomas

Pickle Ball:
• Women: Tracy Laykas 55-59, Sharon Metzger 60-64, Tina Van Doren 65-69, Nancy Barnaby 70-74, Carol Urcker 75-79
• Men: Mike Riley 50-54, Richard Cruz 60-64, Gary Cutter 65-69, Hilario Luna 70-74, Tom Bird 75-79, Hank Alberts 80-84, Jim Dunn 85-89

Chair Volleyball:
• Team 4: Sally Flores, Joy Mangabat, Julie Martine, Philip & Judy Michelesen and Nadine Sanderson

• Women: Pamela Johnson
• Men: Matthew Plum

• Women’s Doubles: Red Division- Joan Greene & Catherine Sim, White Division- Judy Bailey & Victoria Iara Bochia
• Men’s Doubles: Red Division- R.J Hansel & Sal Guerra, White Division- Asher Hartell & Ron Ryer
• Mixed Doubles: Red Division- Ed Gerdon & Joan Greene, White Division- Arnold Mason & Judy Bailey, Blue Division-Hermaigildo & Thelma Jamiliano

Bingo: Barbara Patrick

Women’s billiards: Mary Ann Diehl

Men’s billiards:
A-Division: Tom Giddings
B Division: Richard Burgett
C Division: Miguel Saucedo

Bench press (Best Lifts of the Day):
• Women: Diana Carofano, 115 lbs.
• Men: Tim Orozco, 300 lbs.

Bowling (Top Scores):
• Women: Celine McCann, 706
• Men: Jesse Jauregui, 727

Texas hold ‘em: Tammy Short

Track and Field (Most Gold)
• Women: Carolyn Greywood, seven gold
• Men: Bernie Wold, eight gold four silver, E.A. Stock, eight gold three silver (Tie for gold)

After the awards ceremony, the 600 participants present in the gym were dismissed to dinner. Participants were offered a banquet of seasoned salisbury steak, green beans, mashed potatoes, and a choice of house or fruit salads, followed by choices of carrot cake, cheesecake or chocolate brownies for dessert. A word of advice to younger diners: Try the salisbury steak! You’ll like it!
Musical entertainment for tonight’s banquet was provided by Dan Damion, recalling the best of the golden oldies.
Price and her team wish to thank this year’s sponsors for all they do for the Oldlympic Games.
If you weren’t able to participate this year, assuming your 50th birthday occurs between now and Sept. 2019, keep your eyes peeled for news about the 35th Annual Oldlympics. If this year is any indication, next year promises to break new ground and new records.
You can keep up with Valley-Wide activities at GoRecreation.org.

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