Titans felled by bird strike

Tahquitz football had tough game against Citrus Hill last Friday

Photo by Corey Evan
And the food was wonderful, and plentiful!

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

Having two undefeated teams on the gridiron is the football illustration of the age-old conundrum: an unstoppable force versus an immovable object. That conundrum played out at Tahquitz High School on Friday, Oct. 5, as the as-of-yet undefeated Tahquitz Titans welcomed the equally undefeated Citrus Hill Hawks.
The Titans received the opening kickoff, and then the two teams got to work. After struggling with one another for seven minutes, the Hawks drew first blood with Dee “Money” Miles bringing in the first 31-yard rushing touchdown of the night at 4:59, followed by “Big” Ben Falck with the extra point.
After a very quick first quarter, the Hawks managed to fend off a Titan strike by kicking a successful field goal on a fourth down to start the second; Ivan Caballero was the Hawk who struck that time. Try as they might, Titan defense could not stop Miles from taking in a second Hawk TD at 7:58, followed by Caballero with the extra point. Andrew Brooks would score the Hawks’ third TD at 3:23, followed again by Caballero. Brooks would strike the Titans with deja vu at 50 seconds to halftime.
The Titan cheerleading squad and the “Tiny Titans” joined forces to perform a routine called “In the loop” as part of their contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Titan Band, under the direction of Jeremy Peach, followed their performance with a tribute to Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five while several members of the band were larking about on the field. For these squads, keeping Titan fans’ spirits up was easy as one-two-three.
With the clock ticking, the Titans were now playing for pride. The scoreboard didn’t reflect this, however, as neither team scored in the third quarter.
Fourth quarter began with an injury to the Hawks’ Rocky Furrha. Both teams took a knee for him, before he hobbled off the field with his teammates’ help. Once he made it to the sports medicine table, gameplay resumed. With 9:11 left, Brooks grabbed the hawks’ fifth TD, with Caballero reprising his extra point kick. At 6:17, another injury occurred: Titan Dominic McClymont. But the game went on, only for Tahquitz to concede victory to the Hawks, 37-nil. For today at least, unstoppable force would topple the seemingly immovable Titans.
Coach Stephon Pace says today’s loss came down to a little underestimation: “They’re (Citrus Hill) a good football team, and we had opportunities early in the game to make plays and we didn’t do it. That’s on us! They’re Citrus Hill for a reason.”
This loss, however, is so far the only dent in the Titans’ 2018 record, they now stand at 1-1 in Mountain Pass league play, 6-1 for the season. The Hawks are now 2-nil and 7-nil.
Elsewhere in football:
West Valley took tiger claws to the face in Mustang Canyon, losing to San Jacinto 49-0. With a record of 1-6 and 0-2, Coach Matt Willard and his ‘Stangs have their work cut out for them. The Tigers are now undefeated 7-nil as of press time.
The Hemet Bulldogs started out slow at home against the Beaumont Cougars, but recovered and took this game 25-14. Hemet are currently 4-3 and 1-1 as of press time.
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