Defenestration involves jumping or being thrown from the top, Part 2

■ By John Bush / Contributed

Editor’s Note: This is the second part of a two-part article. Read Part 1 in the Oct. 11, 2018 issue.

The Justice’s supporters openly chant: “The end justifies the means.” But anyone can see that the right is thinning rapidly as the clock ticks and time passes. They and their wrong-minded thinking about practically all social issues are going extinct. But our Supreme Court will not follow them out to pasture for another 15-30 painful years due to this gross trickery. Heaven help us and certainly protect the world, and particularly, the autonomy of all and each of our women folk in the meantime.
Any person could enjoy a happy, fulfilled life if he or she had been born with an IQ of 100 or even 90. Much good would then be done in the world, after all, I am imagining myself to be a normal 100 IQ and I have a good heart – or at least I have been told.
But, to the extent that these worthy folks are all riled up by having been thoroughly massaged by and through the science and tools used throughout the media to a significant degree for the claimed “benefit” of the masses (here the media may indeed be the masses).
It may be that we are being “put-on” by President Trump, as the Federation was “put-on” by The Mule. Just “look into to your rear view mirror,” says Mr. Mcluhan who also effectively but obliquely warns us: let’s not get the government we deserve but work for and deserve a better government.
Let’s consider an individual in such a similar situation as the character described as “The Mule,” who was used to disrupt and take over the Galactic Federation government in the science fiction novels, the Foundation series, a trilogy by Dr. Issac Asimov wherein among other ways he developed his plot using as an aid certain rules of mob psychology. The Mule is eerily a premonition of Asimov’s “The Donald,” an allusion to “The Mule” in the Asimov series as the coming of The President, except not in science fiction but here in our real world.
President Trump and his continually shocking antics can easily be seen as an allusion to or patterning on the behavior of The Mule. Therefore, I find it hard to shake wanting to give him a literary name, like The Donald.
But I will resist that and now refrain, to refer to him as President. A sadly misguided portion of our good people, pumped up and being re-fed religious dogma in support of supplanting a good, decent, sometimes middle of the road, sometime a little swing to the left, retiring justice.
In a shameful insistence of only filling two seats with a carbon copy of Justice Scalia and as a repeat this time, all by breaking the rules. The new judge has written in the past in support of getting rid of Roe v. Wade, and has written that he does not think a sitting president should be deposed, nor should he suffer an indictment while he is busily trying to run our country.
You know, like if he just decided to shoot a man in the middle of the street in downtown New York, he would not be convicted. Well that is right if Justice Kavanaugh and four other justices say you cannot bring him up on charges to face the law because he is the President. How could this be done without the character’s ability to do the things foreshadowed by Dr. Asimov and with the tools as described by Marshall Mcluhan?
We are also being massaged with an apparently solid legal dogma that was ingeniously married to the good, Christian values and the religious dogma to convince these Trump supporters that our God wants them to condone immoral means to obtain a Supreme Court with no swing vote whatsoever, and that is the President’s stated aim. It should be remembered that dogma is not a bad thing in religious matters or even political persuasion, but God may not be as interested in who wins an election based upon rigid arguments and rules in his name. The Puritans had their own ideas about this in the past.
Currently led by Mr. Pence, who will be next in office following the defenestration of Mr. Trump, the new president will see every woman come to her senses and “man-up” (thank you to Ms. Palin) if we all do not act quickly. Every woman will dutifully deliver every child even if she does not want to have a baby sired by a rapist father that abused, assaulted, and battered her putting that seed in her belly, whether it was intentional to breed or not. If she says no, they say the state will make her.
The new Justice says that is okay by him, but he will not decide that until he really gets a look at it as a real issue before the court. If so, would he see a law conceived of by old white men, brought about as a law by old white men, funded and enforced by a state owned and run by old white men?
Women are making enormous strides and gains coming into their natural lawmaking and enforcing powers generally denied to them for a few thousand years or more in some places in this world. But their presence in the realms of power seems to still remain minute.
The overwhelming majority of women do not want this law to mandate that they are, in fact, not in control of their bodies. The vast majority of 100 IQ folks like me would not like to see the President shoot a person on a street in Downtown New York and walk away insulting him and then tweet about it in substantial justification.
Yet with a rightly composed Supreme court, as to the Roe v Wade issues, the State will be in control of that, at pain or forfeiture, jail, and supposedly a State could also order death for the offender.
These angry old white men, and a few women, are all together and within a group of many talented folks such that each and all are “practiced in the art of deception” like the lady at the reception with a glass of wine in her hand (thank you to The Rolling Stones).
Somebody needs to put in a call to Marshall Mcluhan, call him from his grave to help tell us how to take this media and massage it, massage it good. Or, “…when a problem comes around, you must whip it…whip it, whip it good…. it’s not too late.” (Hats off to Devo)
There are clear differences in childhood history and character between The Mule and President Trump but this attempt to admittedly conflate the two is simply this: The similarity between the powers of the The Mule and President Trump can be used to demonstrate how “one person could be shown to have a significant destructive effect on the historical and uniquely American social historical trends.”
While the characters had previously developed much differently up to the point where they were possessed by much different motives for their behavior, both are, or were, perhaps malevolent twin clowns that took the Federation or the Republic to be seen marching off to the trash dumpster with the spoils of their efforts. (Again, thank you Dr. Asimov).
I am most afraid for my progeny, as you should be for yours, they are all quite nice youngsters with demonstrably good hearts. They still don’t believe that the ends justify the means, God bless their good hearts. We need my progeny and yours to figure this out today and get ready for the midterm elections this November.
Whether you are of the red persuasion or blue, Libertarian, or Independent, if you are of a good heart get ready today, fill up their gas tanks, your gas tanks – we will fill up our gas tanks.
Though we are much tired from so many of these demoralizing fights, we will start up our cars and apps and theirs. We will do as we must do, anything and everything, and drive everybody and anybody that does not drive themselves to the polls. God save us all. The President will deservedly suffer defenestration, figuratively speaking only, or he will be impeached come February and the following spring? Yes!

John C. Bush is a practicing attorney at law. He is a trial attorney and he limits his practice to personal injury claimants and plaintiffs only, with rare exception, but in Hemet, California.

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