LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – October 18th, 2018

Higher bail for a protester than a drunk driver in a fatal crash?

Dear Editor,

Two weeks ago, a “drunk driver” on Warren Road in Hemet reportedly crossed the centerline, his car colliding with that of a young mother. Both she and her unborn baby were killed. He was arrested, tested and found to be under the influence. He was released on $75,000 bail and is now out of jail. He is from Cuba, so he could easily flee. Two days ago, a school teacher from Redlands High School lit a banner on fire in protest of something. No damage to the building except for some smoke on a wall. The teacher’s bail was set at $250,000. This is an outrage. You should investigate and name the judge in this travesty and print it in your paper. I think this is the kind of reporting that would increase your subscriber base instead of a full-page column trashing our President every week.

Dan Lamont, Hemet

Dear Editor,

Hemet City Treasurer Judith Oltman reported $74 million under her control at the end of June 2018. There are no reports during council meetings in July or August. On Sept. 25, Hemet City Treasurer did report EXCEPT it was only on $66 million. What happened to $8 million of our Hemet taxpayer money? The City Council Sept. 25 report does not mention nor does it explain the $8 million drop in funds under Judith Oltman and only Judith Oltman’s control.
Linda Krupa is running for a third term on City Council. Yes, there is a two term limit. In Krupa’s office on June 11, we talked to Ms. Krupa at length regarding Judith Oltman being the only person in charge of Hemet’s investments since 1996. Linda Krupa informed us during our June 11 meeting there would be a “surprise” in store for us if we waited patiently. We got the surprise.
According to California Form 460 filed Sept. 27, 2018, the Hemet City Treasurer is the BIGGEST contributor to Linda Krupa’s campaign. Yes, Judith Oltman contributed $1,000 to make sure Linda Krupa stays on City Council. Got to admit Linda Krupa, I just am NOT surprised!

Sue Savage, Hemet

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