HUSD recognizes teacher with $500 award

Trustee Megan Haley recognizes LaNett Hollencamp with October Governing Board Recognition and Award

Photo by HUSD
LaNett Hollenkamp with Governing Board Vice President Megan Haley.

■ Hemet Unified School District / Contributed

The Governing Board of the Hemet Unified School District on nomination by Trustee Megan Haley has selected LaNett Hollencamp, a teacher at Cottonwood School, as the October recipient of the Governing Board Recognition and Award.
Ms. Hollencamp received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Florida in December of 1991 and a Master’s Degree from California State University, Fresno in December 1998. She began her tenure in Hemet Unified as a teacher at Bautista Creek in 2003. She also served as a Reading Specialist and Program Specialist at the district level before returning to the classroom as a second grade teacher. LaNett’s passion for teaching is unmatched; the kind of passion that resonates in everything that she does and in the lives of the students she teaches. Ms. Hollencamp is not just passionate about teaching, she is passionate about the success of every one of her students. She invests her heart and mind in fostering a love for learning and an eagerness to succeed. It is an understatement to say that Ms. Hollenkamp loves her kids. She has been known to cook dinner for families of her students, to comb and fix student’s hair before school begins, and to encourage students, past and present, to make thoughtful choices. While some teachers present curriculum, you will find that this teacher in particular gives her students much more. She equips her students with the tools they need to be kind, thoughtful members of society while instilling a sense of self-worth in every person who passes through her classroom door. She capitalizes on each day, giving students a fun learning environment and at the end of the day, they are excited for what tomorrow’s lesson will bring. There is nothing more powerful than an educator who is passionate about teaching, who loves the kids, has a strong work ethic, and is always looking for ways to improve in her classroom. LaNett is an invaluable asset to Cottonwood’s staff and to the community.
For outstanding performance, professionalism and loyalty to the Hemet Unified School District, Trustee Megan Haley presented LaNett Hollencamp with the Governing Board Recognition of Excellence Award and a $500 certificate to be used toward the district program of her choice.

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