LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – October 25, 2018

Something must be done!

Dear Editor,

Drivers going through the red lights on Stetson Ave is becoming not only a dangerous problem but also a common, daily occurrence. In January of this year, two people I know had very bad (although not fatal) accidents within the same day on Stetson that not only totaled their vehicles, but put one of them in the hospital. One friend of mine was hit at the intersection of Kirby and Stetson when a driver passed through the red light on Stetson long after the light for cross traffic on Kirby had turned green. The driver who violated the signal did not even get a ticket! My other friend was a victim of a driver carelessly backing out of a residential driveway into oncoming traffic going west on Stetson. This driver clearly, but mistakenly, believed that drivers could see him. I do know these drivers cannot be seen and that they back out so fast that drivers on Stetson barely have time to avoid them as neither their headlights nor tail lights are visible during this maneuver. I myself was shocked to have one (crossing both lanes backward) pull out in front of me. Luckily, I did not hit it. Where is their common sense?
In a related matter, drivers now either ignore or are confused by the two-way or four way stops on Johnston, Mayberry, and Acacia. These signs are also regularly ignored. Increasing population of the town, increased traffic, and decreased safety standards are making this a very unsafe community. Where are the Hemet Police and county sheriff departments?

Charlene Musgrove, Hemet

Krupa entitled to run again

Dear Editor,

Mr. Scribner does not appear to understand the term limits that are now in place, as the City of Hemet citizens voted to allow three terms. I have done the following research which supports that.
2008 Ruling of Honorable Edward D Webster, Superior Court Judge, Superior Court of the State of California Case # RIC 467 459: ORDINANCE # 1401 dealing with Term Limits in the City of Hemet IS NOT AND HAS NEVER BEEN VALID.
RESOLUTION # 4368: A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Hemet, California submitting a Measure regarding Term Limits for Elected City Officials at General Municipal Election, November 2, 2010: Shall there be a limit of three terms in office for Hemet Elected City Officials? YES/NO
Resolution # 4379: Resolution of the city Council of the City of Hemet California Reciting the fact of the Consolidated General Election held in such City on November 2, 2010 declaring the result thereof and such other matters as are provided by law: As a result of the election, a majority of the voters voting on Measure W (TERM LIMITS) did vote in favor of it and that the measure passed. This measure shall take effect at the conclusion of the general election held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 and shall continue thereafter.
So, it looks to me like term limits for elected Hemet city officials became effective in 2012 with a limit of three terms. Linda Krupa is not in violation of any law or ordinance and has every right to run for the position of city council member in 2018.

Marie McDonald, Hemet

Dear Editor,

In her time on the Hemet City Council, Linda Krupa has not been able to maintain a balanced budget. Linda Krupa and Bonnie Wright, during a council meeting, brought in a Malibu law firm to promote the council district plan. That plan does not serve the people of this community well and is in my opinion unconstitutional. Linda Krupa has opposed the state auditors suggestions to balance the budget. Also, the Measure U tax on the people of this community was not necessary.

Jim Welker, Hemet

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