Titans go to the carnival

Tahquitz High School built their second annual night rally around a carnival theme

Photos by Corey Evan
There were game booths, tasty treats, and a ferris wheel!

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

How many of you remember the phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” The Associated Student Body of Tahquitz High School likely has, as they helped their classmates escape from homework momentarily on Wednesday, Oct. 24. That’s when they held the second annual “Tahquitz Night Rally.”

Wednesday night’s rally gave families the only chance they would have this year to see all of their Titan athletes in one spot.

This year’s rally saw a carnival theme, where students and their families could buy tickets for carnival games, rides and, of course, treats. There was even a ferris wheel there, lending the event some authenticity.
Tahquitz Activities Director Carole Lee Jones explained why this rally takes place at night: “ASB decided to start a night rally tradition because many parents are interested in seeing their children perform but our gym can only accommodate our students during the indoor rallies we hold during the school day. We invite our feeder schools and the community to attend. Merchandise vendors also enjoy participating.”
As do students and their families who came on out to the Titan Stadium, where the rally was held. And parents enjoyed the fact that this event was free to attend.
In addition to games and challenges for students and staff members alike, one of Tahquitz’ custodians hung up his broom and mop and started grooving to some hip-hop. The rally provided the only means for families to see all of Tahquitz’ sports teams, be they on a fall, winter or spring sport, in the same place.
The ASB couldn’t do this alone, and thus were thankful for the group effort which came forth tonight: “Our clubs, sports, and programs provide most of the food and game booths in order to raise money. The students come up with the games and/or the food booth ideas and make it happen.”
In total, over a thousand people came on out for this second-ever night rally, ranging in age from two to 102.
Keep up with all the fun things going on at Tahquitz by visiting their website at tahquitzhs.org

Students and staff took part in various games and challenges during Wednesday night’s rally.

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