What to expect when handling a deceased’s property

■ By Richard Perry / Contributed

Richard Perry
Bob Martinez.

Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy!

After three months in northern California, my wife, Bambi, is back home. As some friends know, she spent that time at her father’s bedside while he took his last breath from his battle with cancer. After his passing, me, my wife, family and friends met for a “Celebration of Life” in Paradise, California to honor the much loved and respected Bob Martinez.
Bob, a retired mental health director for two different counties and Patton State Hospital in California, called me when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and asked if I would sell his motorhome for him when he passes away. Needless to say he was an intelligent, hard-working man who knew the importance of preparing, no matter what life brings.
At the end of the service some family came up to me with car questions. Like how to transfer a car that was owned by a loved one?
Good thing for Bob and Pam, my mother-in-law, they registered and titled their vehicles as “OR” which meant only one signature is required to sell or transfer the vehicle. If they had registered it as “AND,” both Bob and Pam would have been required to sign for the sale of the vehicle. Again, a good planner.
Dealing with the loss of a loved one is emotional. During this challenging time, one of the toughest tasks is sorting through the deceased’s personal property. Many things hold sentimental value big or small while others, like a vehicle, are just more complicated to sell because of the documentation involved.
Even during the best of times a private sale can be tough. From advertising the car to meeting with strangers, the process is long and difficult. Even more so during a period of grief. VIP Autos buys a lot of vehicles from private parties and a few I recall had suffered a recent loss. Given our experience, we can guide you through the sale quickly, conveniently and with compassion.
Our process is streamlined and starts with a free, instant, valuation for the vehicle. This is done in just a few minutes. Completing the sale is just as easy. While being compassionate, we will inspect the vehicle and finalize the paperwork. In about 30 minutes you’ll leave with a check and one less thing to worry about.
You do not need to put the vehicle in your name to sell. Just bring along a death certificate and a letter of administration, and VIP Autos will handle the rest.

What you can expect:
Convenience with compassion.
A hassle-free process and a quick selling experience.
A clear and transparent vehicle inspection procedure.
All Release of Liability paperwork will be submitted in your behalf.
You don’t need to spend all day in line at the DMV.
You can cancel your insurance and save money.
You’ll get a check you can cash or deposit immediately.

This one’s for you Bob. Happy driving!

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