Clergy Corner: Should Christians have a Bucket List?

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Susan Beckett.

■ By Susan Beckett / Contributed

As kids, most of us had big dreams for the future. We wanted to grow up to be astronauts, famous athletes or even celebrated movie stars. As a child, I faithfully watched the Mickey Mouse Club and just knew in my little heart of hearts that someday I too would be a Mouseketeer, singing and dancing my way across the TV screens of America!
I believe as children we dreamed of “being” something amazing, but it seems as we grow older we add to those ambitions and also want to “achieve” and “do” extraordinary things.
There’s an interesting term we use today to describe those goals and dreams we wish to accomplish within our lifetime — it’s called a “bucket list.” Here’s the official definition: “A list of things a person wants to achieve or experience, before reaching a certain age or dying.” Geez, that sounds a little dark and gruesome doesn’t it?
There are several theories of where the bucket list originated. The most common one comes from the phrase “kick the bucket” which probably originated from the notion that some people hang themselves by standing on a bucket and then kicking the bucket away.
In 2007, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman made the term popular with The Bucket List movie. Since then, more and more people have been making their own bucket lists. Checking these lists out online, one comes up with some pretty amusing finds: Get a tattoo – Ouch! Go bungee jumping – scary! Swim with dolphins – sounds like fun actually! And my very favorite – be part of a flashmob!
But while those things are all well and good, I had to mull over the question: Is there a different or additional bucket list for a Christ-follower? If not, should there be one? I think so!
Years ago, I heard a speaker, Graham Cooke, give an amazing message. Embedded within that teaching he began to list things he wanted to accomplish before he died. I quickly grabbed a pen and began to write. I’ve had the list tacked up in my office ever since and it’s now become my own personal bucket list. I read it often and every time I do I’m inspired and energized, so let me share some of “my” amazing bucket list ideas with you:

– I don’t want to reach my end not having discovered my full potential in Christ.
– Or not have taken enough great risks.
– Thoroughly enjoy the true reality of knowing Jesus and therefore not live a mediocre life.
– I don’t want to live and not see God’s Kingdom come with greater power around my life.
– Influence and inspire people around me as much as God wants me to do!
– Develop a boldness of spirit and press into heaven for greater breakthroughs on earth.
– Be a pioneer, not a settler.
– But the last and greatest is this: I want to love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength . . . all the days of my life!

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