Elvis comes to Hemet

Impersonator set to perform at Datillo’s Nov. 27

■ By Rusty Strait / Contributed

Few musical stars are non-generational. Elvis Presley was certainly one of them. His soul-searching vocals seem to haunt the very heart and soul of American music lovers. His love of family, especially his mother, endeared him to mothers who saw him as a good boy who loved his mother and that was enough to elevate him to a status seldom found in the world of rock and roll. There was and is only one Elvis.
When he first appeared on the horizons of Tupelo, Mississippi and made his way into the studios of Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee his one desire was to record a song for his mother. There was no thought of his name in neon lights along the Vegas Strip or millions of albums. No, just a song for his mother. So who wouldn’t find that an endearing idea.
He caught on like a prairie fire fanned by the winds of a tornado, which brought him to the Louisiana Hayride. From there, he skyrocketed to fame known only to a few. A good boy from the South so close to his mother that when he was drafted into the United States Army and stationed in Germany, he rented a house near his base and brought his family to live near him so he could enjoy his mother’s home cooked meals.
The voice of Elvis Presley never died. It was transferred to any number of Elvis
impersonators who roam the world to spread his gospel-like songs. From all the impersonators there is one who stands head and shoulders above the rest. Danny Lee Roth, and folks get ready for the resurgence of Elvis in Hemet.
When the locals think of Dattilo Ristorante and music, it is usually of arias from La
Boehme, Madame Butterfly or Aida. Not this time. Joseph Dattilo, owner of Datillo’s a highly respected and loved restaurant in the community, believes in giving his patrons what they want, and he’s doing it again.
Datillo’s Ristorante will be presenting “The Elvis Experience” starring the one and only Danny Lee Roth on Tuesday, Nov 27. The menu will feature food “with Elvis in mind.” Admission is $45 per person for an evening of good food, all the Elvis you ever loved to listen to and a real good time. This event is a sure fire sell out so get your reservations in early.
Some of you already know that Hemet has more entertainment than any of our surrounding communities. What further proof do the rest of you need? Just sayin’

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