Emergency preparedness do’s & don’ts

■ Mike Olin, President of Country Lake C.E.R.T. / Contributed

The following information is important for all C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) personnel to be aware of, as well as the general public. Consider the following Do’s and Don’ts, and how these rules could impact you during and following an emergency or disaster where you live.

– Have a telephone contact outside California to report where you are and your condition.
– Carry in your car: Disaster emergency kit with food & water that will last you 3 days, First Aid supplies, Fire Extinguisher, Blankets, Flash light & extra batteries, Tool kit.
– Have extra cash on hand in small denominations. If power out ATM machines won’t work.
– Be sure to have a 1 to 2 weeks supply of all necessary medications & written prescriptions.
– Head of bed: Hard sole shoes & extra pair of glasses if you have poor vision.
– Head of bed: Fire Extinguisher & pry bar to help get out of the room/house if fire/earthquake.
– Prepare a Family Emergency Plan with meeting places.
– Visit: www.ready.gov for additional information

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