Hemet and San Jacinto voters put democracy into action

Election-night results now, absentee-ballot tallies later in the week

■ Chronicle News Staff

Voters from throughout the Valley went to the polls on Tuesday and cast their ballots for their preferred candidates and gave a thumbs up or down on some 15 measures that were on the ballot including one authorizing a $150 million Hemet school bond and others bringing the business of growing and selling marijuana in Hemet further into mainstream life.
Polls opened at 7 a.m. and voters had a full 13 hours – until 8 p.m. – to cast their votes. Voter fever was high, and pollsters had predicted a large turnout compared to prior years as Gov. Jerry Brown gave up his seat to a younger leader, and Democrats tried valiantly to retake the U.S. House of Representatives. There were a number of expensive bond issues on the ballot from funding housing for veterans and the mentally ill to vast drinking water infrastructure projects.
Below is the list of winning candidates and the ballot measures that passed the voters’ scrutiny within Riverside County. These results do not concur with statewide election results.

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