Knights pierced by D’Backs

Girls Volleyball: Dartmouth bitten off their four-year streak by Diamond Valley, winning the championship 2-nil

Photos by Corey Evan
The Diamondbacks are number one, having ended Dartmouth’s four-year winning streak.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

One can’t help but root for an underdog… or in this case, the under-snake. Going up against the four-time Valley League champion Dartmouth Middle School Knights on Nov. 1, the girls volleyball team of Diamond Valley Middle School had a lot to prove. But the Diamondbacks did start off with one big advantage: home court advantage. The snake pit, a.k.a. the Diamondback Gym, was standing-room only for the 2018 championship match.

Action shot taken during last Thursday’s championship match.

The Diamondbacks came out strong this game, scoring first and getting an early lead on the Knights. The Knights tried their hardest to defend their title, staging a comeback and even momentarily took the lead from the Diamondbacks. But once the snakes recovered from this momentary loss of face, they shut the Knights’ comeback down and took this first set 25-22. The defending champs now needed two wins in a row to avoid losing the cup. Could they do it?
Well, for a while the second set was a one-point match. But then the Diamondbacks took advantage of several Knight errors, pulled ahead and soon left said Knights in the dust. The set, and the day, belonged to Diamond Valley with a final score of 25-19.
Diamondback Coach Rosa Reese says it’s been a daily effort to prepare for this match. “It’s fantastic; I’m really proud of the girls! These girls play every day.”
Dartmouth Coach Tracy Marshall didn’t seem to mind losing to the snakes this time around: “That’s okay, Diamond Valley played really, really well and they outplayed us. So they deserve the championship!”
Both coaches thanked their respective sponsors and team parents for all they have brought to their respective team’s game this season.
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