Avoid the spill: traveling safely with holiday dishes

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Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy!

Almost every year Bambi and I take a van from the VIP Autos lot and volunteer to pick up folks and deliver Thanksgiving meals. We really have a good time doing it.
I see a lot of families travel during the long weekend.
If you decide to travel for Thanksgiving this year, you are probably going to be bringing something to the table. Maybe it’s your yummy casserole or a homemade pie. Whatever it may be needs to get to your destination safely, which can be a challenge on a long, bumpy road.
There are some things to consider to ensure your dish makes it to your destination unharmed or without harming the passengers. Just the thought of a hot casserole launching across the cabin as you hit the brakes is enough to make me cringe. Follow these tips this holiday:

Car seats are unreliable.
Since car seats are not flat, a hot dish is liable to slip and slide during the ride. Place the dish on the floor of the car in a box with high sides. Make sure it’s nestled in so it doesn’t move around.

Plastic wrap and
aluminum foil are handy.

Wrap everything as securely as possible. If your dish has a lid, wrap it in plastic wrap first and then place the lid on top for an extra security. Wrap a whole pie multiple times to avoid leakage.

Use towels for travel.
Use towels to insulate your food or clean up a mess easily. Either way, cushion wrap your dishes with multiple towels for a secure trip. Lay a towel out on your floor in case of a spill.

Use bungee cords to tie
everything together

Especially when traveling with a crock pot, cords are useful. Utilize the bungee cords to hold the lids down or tie everything together for one secure cargo.

Consider bringing
a cooler.

It’s not worth the risk hauling something on a long ride that needs to stay cold, only to get stuck in traffic and have your dish stay out longer than it should. You never know what your drive is going to be like, so it’s best to keep a cooler for dishes that need to last the drive. Cool thing about bringing a Cooler for Thanksgiving, is bringing back the leftovers..
Be safe and good driving – save me a piece of pie!

Richard Perry is The Hemet Car Guy and owner of VIP Autos in Hemet. For more information, visit www.hemetcarguy.info

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