Dear Editor,

Thankfully the midterm election is over. However, it is unbelievable that 56 percent of California residents voted NOT to repeal the added gasoline taxes.
Do you think these added taxes are going to go away? By voting NOT to repeal the tax, you are allowing the State Government to increase the tax on gasoline again and again.
Since you have no problem paying not only the taxes on gasoline, but also the highest in the nation, would you be willing to pay to fill up my tank too?

Nancy Eller, Hemet

Dear Editor,

Suggestions for City Council:

The Sept. 25 Treasurer report shows a $36,273 withdrawal from LAIF. The account detail shows it is interest received. The LAIF account balance requires the $36,273 be a deposit. So which is correct? The report by the treasurer saying it is a withdrawal or the math saying it is a deposit?
The same report shows Negotiable CD’s are 12 percent of the Portfolio when City restrictions allow 10 percent of the portfolio. This is an example of continued disregard for Hemet Investment Code by the treasurer.
One month treasuries currently pay 2.19 percent. Prudent investor principles suggest nothing in the portfolio should pay less than treasury bills, the safest of all investments. A quick look shows $32,650,000 is paying less than the safest investment. $32,650,000 times two percent equals $653,000 that Hemet Taxpayers could be receiving in interest on investments. A prudent investor would invest for this best return. Think how many streets could be repaired, or fire and police hired, or stop lights added at dangerous intersections. $653,000 in interest can go a long way toward keeping Hemet’s Budget Balanced.
Hemet taxpayers deserve the best investment return along with safety of their tax dollars. So I offer, could we work together to accomplish it? For example, appoint me to the Investment Committee. We could work together to ensure the safest way for Hemet Taxpayer dollars to earn the best possible return.

Sue Savage, Hemet

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