Olivera’s Cake Gallery: A Hemet landmark

Deciding which cake is the right one could get challenging

Photos by Robin Underwood / The Valley Chronicle
Olivera’s Cake Gallery is a Hemet landmark and the source of special wedding cakes in the Valley for nearly 30 years.

■ Robin Underwood / Contributed

Hooking people from first bite for nearly 30 years, Olivera, owner of Olivera’s Cake Gallery, has been offering more than just a cure for that sweet tooth. Client tales attest to Olivera’s high level of customer care throughout the years, while painting a picture of her creative concepts and original designs displayed in each piece.
Take the tale of Mrs. Riley, a lifelong valley resident. Just hours before her granddaughter’s wedding, a relative canceled a promise to pick up the wedding cake an hour before it was ready. Nowhere close to being able to drive herself, and almost to tears, Mrs. Riley placed the call explaining why she would have to cancel the pickup. Olivera, however, wouldn’t have it. She offered to drive the cake herself and even professionally set up the three-tiered cake herself after she arrived. Her willingness to help Mrs. Riley saved the family’s “once in a lifetime moment,” cementing Olivera’s reputation for genuine care and passion for her work.

Olivera, who has a reputation for perfection, here makes a cake destined for one of her loyal customers.

A small building trailing the shops in the Target parking lot off Sanderson Avenue in Hemet, Olivera’s Cake Gallery welcomes all orders with advance notice, often spending days on just one piece. Red Velvet, Olivera’s family favorite and her shop’s specialty, is among the most popular, however, the options Olivera offers in her shop are too numerous to list.
To help customers choose their selections, they are presented photo albums of past creations upon their arrival. And display cases full of colorful cupcakes, birthday cakes, special occasion cakes, and even single-serving treats for that late night snack for walk-in customers line the walls. It’s literally a gallery of delicacies.
After nearly three decades in business, Olivera has truly perfected every aspect of her craft. Even open on weekends, Olivera’s Cake Gallery – and the creations that emerge from it – represent an experience everyone in the Valley should taste – at least once!
Olivera’s Cake Gallery is located at 3361 West Florida Avenue in Hemet. Hours are from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Saturday, and 12 noon – 4 p.m. on Sunday. For more information, call 951-929-7393, write to oliverascakes@aol.com, or visit the website at www.OliverasCakeGallery.com.

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