Tutoring Center in Hemet gives students a leg up

Unique ‘Rotational Approach to Learning’ produces exceptional results

Robin Underwood / The Valley Chronicle
Director Amal Allam oversees a tutoring session.

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Parents concerned with their children being hard-pressed by school work and in search of options to help aid their child’s academic success may want to take a look at The Tutoring Center in Hemet.
First opened in Huntington Beach in 1993, The Tutoring Center eventually morphed into 122 facilities across the nation. A transformative approach is offered – a combination of the “Rotational Approach to Learning” and “One-to-One Instruction.” Both methods are trademarked having been developed by Edward S.Thalheimer Ph.D., founder of The Tutoring Center. The innovative system gives the student far more one-to-one Instruction than they ever will receive in a classroom full of children, or even within a small group. The uniquely effective approach strengthens a student’s concentration and focus while achieving optimal academic results, according to Amal Amram, director of The Tutoring Center.
“My son so enjoy’s going. He’s learning and progressing extremely well. We see such a difference in his work ethic!” says the mother of one young man who enrolled in The Tutoring Center.
Says another, ““My grandson…attends this Center, and I see the new confidence he now has in himself. Now he even helps his little brother with his homework. I truly recommend The Tutoring Center 100 percent. The decision to enroll (him) … was one of the best we’ve made.”
The Tutoring Center Academic Programs are designed for students who are struggling in school or are behind grade level in reading, math, or writing. It is operated by Amram, who has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and master’s in education with an emphasis on curriculum and instruction. Amal served in the U.S. Navy for eight years and then she worked as assistant professor in the Defense Language Institute for nine years. Her passion for education and helping all students to succeed drove her to be a part of the after-school education business.
The Rotational Approach, which she employs, consists of a 30- and two 15-minute increments in different locations with different sets of materials and two instructors. At first designed to nurture students suffering from attention deficit disorders like ADD and ADHD, the rotational approach soon displayed the same amazing results for typical students as well.
During the next five years, student enrollment at Hemet Unified School District is expected to increase by 40 percent. As soon as next year, the district may see an increase that results in an overcapacity of some 2000 students. The bigger the class size, the harder it is for students to learn and easier it is to fall behind. The Tutoring Center in Hemet offers a program to quickly and seamlessly counteract the effects of these enrollment trends.
The Tutoring Center also provides a no-cost diagnostic assessment and a no-cost comprehensive report outlining performances, along with a plan to ensure future academic success through highly qualified tutors leading each session. The Center also has partnered with TutorMe to give families the help with homework their children need.
The flexibility offered through one-on-one instructional aids handles each individual at their own pace and at their own specific level, a method not seen in public schools or even conventional (and sometimes free) tutoring sessions.
With room currently available for new students, The Tutoring Center in Hemet welcomes inquiries Monday through Thursday from 10:30 a.m.- 7:30 p.m. and Friday and Saturday by appointment. Call 951-658-6549,r email hemetca@tutoringcenter.com, or visit https://hemet.tutoringcenter.com/ for more information. The center is located at 3631 W Florida Ave. There is no contract, and fees begin at just $299 per month per student for two sessions a week with discounts for more than one student.

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