Dan’s Jewelers gets ready for Black Friday

Quality locally designed jewelry at discount prices

Photos by Chris Smith / The Valley Chronicle
Dan sits at his workbench where he spends a lot of time repairing customers’ jewelry. The shop also will design and make a piece of jewelry from scratch.

■ Kathleen Prokop / Contributed

The owner of Dan’s Jewelers, Daniel Vargas, has been a business owner in Hemet for 28 years. He works with his two sons, Dan Jr., and Andy, and offers the kind of service one has come to expect from a family-owned business – excellent service to his long list of loyal customers and quality workmanship at reasonable prices.
Dan, who has been in the jewelry business for 40 years, likes to think it’s about giving back. He enjoys helping residents of the area near his store on N. San Jacinto Street, especially the older people, who appreciate quality work and good service – and know the difference.

Dan examines a diamond engagement ring, one of the many specials he will have on sales during Black Friday.

Dan’s claim to fame is the little things he does for customers – maybe it’s fixing a family heirloom, perhaps it’s just setting a watch for an older patron whose eyes are no longer so sharp. Whatever it is, and whether or not he charges for the service, Dan knows he’s investing in customer relationships, and what goes around, comes around.
Dan would like to believe residents of Hemet find him honest and recognize that he won’t overcharge them. “Compared to the big jewelry franchises, we offer huge discounts on our jewelry,” says Dan. “We like to pass the savings onto our customers allowing them to get the same items at a fraction of what they would cost elsewhere.”
Dan’s son Andy has 20 years of experience using computer aided design (CAD) software and enjoys coming up with fresh, new jewelry designs for the person who wants something special, say for an engagement ring. Dan Jr. also is an experienced designer who has been working in the field for some 16 years. Between the two, their expertise allows Dan’s Jewelers to perform all work on the premises and not rely on overseas shops, whose workmanship may or may not be to standard.
Dan’s Jewelers is planning a promotional Christmas sale on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, so those who have been thinking about finding something special for a loved one may wish to set this day aside to check out what Dan’s has to offer. Look for Dan’s Black Friday specials in Easy Ad.
Dan’s Jewelers is located at 631 N. San Jacinto St., Hemet. Email dansjewelers@hotmail.com, or call 951-929-4446.Visit Dan’s web page at www.dansjewelershemet.com.

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