Wild West Arena hosts RC car enthusiasts

It could be your ticket into race-car driving

Photos by Chris Smith / The Valley Chronicle
Rounding the bend at breakneck speed the race car breaks momentarily before accelerating to full throttle. This miniature RC car (for remote control) was out racing with its brethren last weekend at a new track being built at the Wild West Arena in Winchester. Formerly used as a rodeo arena, the large dirt arena that is bounded by a corral seems perfect for RC car racing.

■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor

If you always wanted to get into auto racing but never quite had the $100,000 needed to invest in a race car, you might want to think about RC – radio controlled – cars.
The Wild West Arena in Winchester has just converted its rodeo arena into a racetrack for RC cars, and enthusiasts were out in force last weekend to try a little practice racing.

Spinning out on the curve, the blue car straightens out before accelerating.

The sport – or hobby – depending on your level of seriousness, looked like great fun and something to bring out the kid in all of us. Most of those present were male, and despite jokes about “a man and his toys,” wherever there is a group of guys you can be sure there are going to be some gals getting interested before very long.
Wes Kurtz, who is helping to coordinate construction of the racetrack with the Wild West Arena, says the people who are into the sport usually buy a kit and build the cars themselves. By the time you’re done, he says, you probably have invested about $1,000.
There are two types of radio controlled cars – electric and nitro. The electric ones are, well, self explanatory. The nitro cars use a special fuel mixture which burns and powers an internal combustion engine.

Standing right behind a race car can lead to one eating someone’s dust.

The good news? Kurtz says the arena will host its first race in December, and he expects participants to come from throughout the western states.
“We see people from Sacramento, Las Vegas – all over,” says Kurtz. Entry fees are reasonable, only $35 – $25 for a second car. He expects between 50 and 100 entrants at the race in December. And, if you’re looking for a low-cost spectator sport to take the family for an outing – spectators will get in free.
If you get a little thirsty standing outside watching the cars zoom around the track, there’s always the Wild West Arena bar only 100 yards away. Wild West Arena is located at 32150 Grand Ave. in Winchester 92596.
For more information, contact Kurtz at 951-805-5241.

Flying off an incline, the green and white truck angles to the left.
This blue race car is about to go airborne.
It’s pedal to the metal in the long straight-away at Wild West Arena.
Entering the track means looking over your shoulder – oh, it’s clear.
With microphone and great sound system, the professional sounding announcers make you feel like you’re at a NASCAR event.
An overview of the track at the Wild West Arena with the popular bar in the background.
The pit crews bring their pop-up shade canopies and tools to keep the cars running.

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