Eagles sink the Pirates

Photo by Corey Evan
San Jacinto intercepted the ball to start the second quarter in control.

Men’s basketball: MSJC soared over Ventura on Saturday, 87-70

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

Flying has long triumphed over sailing in terms of travel. But in terms of athletics, that debate continues to rage on. On Saturday, Nov. 24, that debate would come to a head as the Ventura College Pirates sailed into town to take on the Mt. San Jacinto Eagles. One has to wonder how the Pirates were able to dock!
The first few minutes saw fouls fly around the Eagle Gymnasium, but despite this the Eagles would score first. It took five minutes for the Pirates to score their first two points, as the Eagles sunk nine in the same time frame. The Eagles soared ahead of the Pirates, who struggled through the first twelve minutes just to reach double-digits. The winds started to pick up for Ventura toward the end of the first half, but after twenty minutes the Eagles remained ahead 40-24.
Also noteworthy here is that in attendance at Saturday’s game was a very special guest: 1987-88 Eagle MVP Troy Truvillion, who dropped in to cheer on his fellow Eagles.
The Pirates continued trending upwards on the scoreboard in the second half, but not much time passed before the Eagles regained their scoring momentum. There were many fouls on both sides throughout this game, but perhaps the most notable was this: With two and a half minutes left in the game, a scuffle took place between members of each team which did disrupt the game momentarily. The Eagles were awarded four free throws as a result of this, after the Pirates took one of their own. 40 minutes of excitement came and passed, and the Eagles sank the Pirates’ hopes of winning 87-70.
Coach Patrick Springer knew this game would be vital to saving face after their disappointing home debut against Fullerton the Wednesday prior: “I was worried about our team, because we had such a emotional loss on Wednesday; (We were) number one in Southern California… and Fullerton was ranked number two. So to lose that game, you as a coach are always wondering how your team is going to respond. All things considered, I think they responded pretty well! I wish we’d have not given up so many offensive rebounds and not fouled so much, but other than those two things I’m pretty impressed with our group.”
The win would push MSJC to 6-2 for the season, as the Pirates sank to 3-4.

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