Fairview Park Mobile Home Estates

Photos by Courtesy Fairview Park and Bonita Cummins / TVC
The freshly painted sign out front and manicured gardens speak volumes.

One of the best values in retirement living in the San Jacinto Valley

■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor

Hemet is known for its many senior mobile home parks, and there is always competition among park managers to attract qualified retiree buyers. Sometimes, as a prospective retiree looking to downsize, it’s difficult to evaluate the many different senior-living parks in the area since no one can visit them all.
One park that is actually just outside the city limits boasts a more rural atmosphere, which is supported by its eastern view of the San Jacinto mountains. Fairview Park Mobile Home Estates is in the community of Valle Vista, which park management believes is a plus when being compared to mobile home parks that are more centrally located. A quiet, less busy part of the Hemet area, Valle Vista doesn’t suffer from many of the annoyances we have come to associate with more densely populated urban centers. Need I say more?
Nevertheless, the park is still near many local attractions that provide entertainment for seniors including: the Historic Hemet Theatre, Ramona Bowl outdoor amphitheater, Hemet Regal Cinemas, the mountain community of Idyllwild (some 30 minutes away), Hemet Mall: http://thehemetvalleymall.com/store-directory/, Soboba Casino and golf course, Hemet Golf Course, Hemet Airport, nearby grocery shopping (less than a mile away), and Old Town Hemet with its coffee shops and antique stores.

If you find you have a little time on your hands in retirement, try playing pool with some new friends.

Park management
The park ownership and management have a philosophy that is about service and making sure their residents feel cared for and a part of the community. They know this may be the last place the resident ever lives, and they want the experience to be a pleasant one. They back up that belief by keeping the rents low – they call it “rent stabilized” – so people on fixed incomes don’t get into situations where their space rent has increased faster than their social security. They also keep the park impeccably clean so that people feel as though every inch of the property is cared for as if it were their own private property.
Managers Steve and Teri Apodaca have been with the park a long time – about 10 years – and they know how to run a park so that both the owner and the residents feel comfortable. They try to make it feel like a club by hosting breakfasts and lunches during the week that are catered by professional chefs. We stopped by on a Monday when they were serving a hot breakfast featuring some of the most delicious omelettes you could imagine.

Cooks for Hire
Chefs Marco and Miriam of Cooks for Hire take pride in their food preparation and love to see smiles creep over the faces of their guests as they bite into say, a spinach and cheese omelette. Yum. The park has been doing Thursday lunches, but that probably won’t be a feature this winter as people spend more time indoors.
Among the amenities that guests rave about are the beautiful pool and jacuzzi, which are maintained to immaculate standards of cleanliness so even the most fastidious bather feels comfortable taking a dip in the jacuzzi.
There is a game room inside the clubhouse, where ladies and gents can play pool, and the facility is used for special events the park hosts, such as holiday dinners with entertainment, rummage sales, and other events that require more space.

We love pets
Not all parks are pet friendly, and some discourage residents walking their dogs inside the park. Fairview, however, is so interested in meeting the needs of dog owners that it has built its own dog park where owners can hang around and chat while their dogs socialize. It’s an enlightened view on pet ownership, one supporting the rare comfort seniors have when they find themselves living alone.

Room for storage
Downsizing is an issue for most when moving from a larger real property into a mobile home, so Fairview has built a number of storage sheds residents can rent while they figure out what to do with all that stuff they’ve accumulated over the years.

Fairview Park is located at 44725 E. Florida Ave., in Valle Vista; the phone number is 951-927-2313. Give Steve or Teri a call. They would love to hear from you. And they do have space enough to offer anyone moving their mobile home into Fairview Park from another location free rent for the entire year. Think about it. Free rent.

The large pool and jacuzzi are maintained to impeccable standards.

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