Readers to see change in Easy Ad format

Content, including puzzles and games, will remain in tact

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The Valley Chronicle and Easy-AD.

■ By Chris Smith / advisory editor

Chronicle and Easy Ad readers will notice a change in the format of the two publications with this issue. Instead of being inserted each week into the newspaper, Easy Ad has been integrated into the regular pages of the Chronicle.
“We decided it was in the best interests of both our readers and our advertisers to have a uniform newspaper where all the pages are the same size,” said Eric Buskirk, publisher of the Chronicle/Easy Ad. “It will be a better experience for our readers and will be more effective for our Easy Ad advertisers.”
Buskirk and Easy Ad founder Winston Green engineered the merger of the Valley Chronicle and the Easy-Ad to address the needs of a changing publications market. As a continuation of their efforts to adapt to the needs of both readers and advertisers, they have determined that a uniform publication, with all the pages the same size and shape, is the best way to move forward with the publication.
“All the content and features Easy Ad readers have come to know and love, including the games and puzzles, will continue to be found inside the pages of the Chronicle Easy Ad,” said Buskirk. “We’re just changing the format, not the content, although the reader ads will now be a part of the classifieds, a section we plan on expanding.”
The Valley Chronicle was on the verge of shutting down in 2011 when Buskirk purchased it from the former owner. Since 2017, the newspaper has doubled its readership to 16,000 households and 43,000 readers and is one of the fastest growing community newspapers in California. In the meantime, the company has developed technologies to deliver content online and via television to regional residents and businesses and maintains a television network titled Verican TV.

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