Man bashes woman’s car with machete

Two are arrested after police scour neighborhoods

■ Chronicle News Staff

A woman driving along Acacia Avenue in Hemet Sunday evening, Dec. 9, was attacked while inside her car by a man wielding a machete, according to news sources. The woman was unhurt, but her car incurred a gash to the rear body.
Police later arrested a youth and a man, 18-year-old Jason Peterson, and Michael Martinez, 25, about a mile from where the incident occurred, according to news sources. Both individuals were reportedly under the influence of alcohol.
The victim said it was about 8 p.m. when a man suddenly stepped out into the street as she was driving along Acacia Avenue. Thinking it was a homeless person, the woman slowed her SUV to a near stop, as the man came closer. He had his arm behind him, but after approaching, he pulled out a machete. She said that when she saw the blade, she panicked and tried to drive around him, but he brought the weapon down on her car as she sped away. The attack left a large v-shaped dent in the rear of her SUV body.
The woman, who by this time said she was “scared and crying” soon pulled over and called 911. Turns out Hemet police had received other calls from citizens reporting someone had been kicking cars and trying to carjack drivers.
Police reported that they found a concealed blade when they arrested Peterson, and Martinez is accused of having thrown a brick at another car. Both men are behind bars and facing felony charges, according to news reports.
The woman cautioned all drivers to make sure doors are locked and windows are shut when driving around town.

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