Get in the car and go “lightseeing”

Photo by Chris Smith / The Valley Chronicle –
”I’ll have a BLUE Christmas without you; I’ll be so BLUE just thinking about you; Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree; Won’t be the same dear, if you’re not here with me…”

It’s great family fun, and it’s free!

■ Jacob Doane and Chris Smith / The Valley Chronicle

With nothing much to do before the holidays except drive around town and look at the Christmas lights, your intrepid reporters at the Valley Chronicle managed to find a few locations around Hemet and San Jacinto that just might be worth taking a drive past before the lights come down after New Year’s.
Below is a list of locations that we found had some particularly awesome holiday lighting arrangements. We thought it poor form to knock on the doors of these homeowners and ask, “Hey dude! How much did that whole display cost, anyway?” So we didn’t. But know that these people are serious – and I mean SERIOUS about their holiday lighting arrangements. (Maybe when we burn out as newspaper reporters we can be “Holiday lighting professionals.”
Anyway, one of the more enjoyable things to do over the holidays is drive around town and look at everyone else’s lights; it’s sort of an acceptable form of snooping. Besides that, it’s FREE.
Below is a list of locations in Hemet and San Jacinto with an accompanying map that has them charted for easy navigation.
Remember, don’t go “lightseeing” after a round of toddies!

The following addresses are in HEMET. See the map for approximate location.
• 26573 Colgate Ct.
• S. San Jacinto at Leslie Drive
• 595 S. Gilbert
• W. Central Ave. and S. Walnut St.
• 300 block S. Inez
• 200 block W. Acacia
• 2800 block Lancaster Ave
• 800 block Burton Street
• 1700 block S. State at McSweeney
• 24900 block Nile Court
• 41700 block Erin Drive
• 26500 Viola Street (at Plumrose)
• 42000 Harmony Drive (at Meridian Street)
• Crest of Marshall Hill
• 1400 S. Palm at Coquina Street
• Vista Way and N. Cornell Street
• S. Lyon Avenue at W. Johnston Avenue
• Hackney Street at N. Lyon Avenue

The following areas are in San Jacinto.
• 1500 block Park Avenue at Sonoma
• 228 N. Lyon Avenue at Appaloosa Drive
• Palomino Drive at Lipizzan Drive
• Palomino Drive and Pinto Way
• 200 block of Galiceno Drive at Palomino
• Andalusian Street and Pinto Way
• Andalusian Street and Morgan Court

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