LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – January 10, 2019

Dear Editor,

I just read your front page article, “City Hires New Principal Engineer.” What kind of journalism is this? Not one mention of Robert Vestal’s qualifications, previous applicable job experience, or the other candidates he beat out for the job. It’s all very nice that he likes to watch movies with his kids and enjoys hiking, but is this your idea of investigative journalism?
Really, I couldn’t care less if he enjoys movies. I want to know what talents and abilities he brings to the job. The city is not paying for a movie critic!

Mark Dunn, Hemet

Good points. We picked this up from the city newsletter but will inquire further!, Editor

Dear Editor,

The following was sent to Assemblyman Chad Meyers as requested by Mr. Strait:
The Valley Chronicle published an article titled “Caltrans Double Crosses City Of Hemet” in the Jan. 27 edition. The article was written by Rusty Strait, Senior Reporter for the paper. Briefly stated the article was 100% percent negative to the Florida Avenue Median, which was approved by the State and Caltrans.
I believe the Florida Median is a good idea and a good investment by the State. It will improve traffic flow by allowing better programming of stop lights and elimination of “left turn vehicles” into merchants. It will also eliminate illegal “left turn vehicles” exiting businesses and hopefully “jay-walking” across Florida.
The City of Hemet has done very little to improve traffic flow and increase safety along Florida and now the State must compensate for Hemet’s neglect. The police do not enforce left turn or speed restrictions. Hemet has dimmed the street lighting and pedestrians crossing Florida, even those few in crosswalks, are in danger from dusk till dawn.
Merchants are the only ones in opposition to the median. A barrier will stop “burger buyers” from cruising from one junk food establishment to the other. This is a good thing in my mind.

Steve Bush, Hemet

Dear Editor,

The Chronicle’s Senior Reporter has my eyes leaking and sides aching from laughter. He writes “Caltrans double crosses city of Hemet.” The state does not plan a project this size in a week. The project commenced almost three years ago, in 2015, when Councilwoman Linda Krupa agreed to the deal with Caltrans as reported in the Enterprise. Hemet does NOT own Florida Avenue, which is why it is the best paved street in town. The state of California owns Florida Avenue.
Caltrans can modify what it owns as Linda Krupa and the rest of Hemet’s City Council have been repeatedly told during these three years. Besides, if Linda Krupa and the rest of City Council would stop taking Hemet ever closer to the financial brink and would work with the State of California on the High Risk Audit, maybe Hemet would have had a chance. But City Council thumbed their nose at the state. I believe the state has the thumb-move down pat and is returning the motion.
The first time the mentioned reporter had me dying from laughter was his article about the Grinch stealing Christmas here in Hemet. Hemet wasn’t this way eight years ago before Councilwoman Krupa took power. Didn’t the reporter sing Councilwoman Krupa’s praises promoting her third term to run for Hemet City Council? What made him think an upbeat Hemet would appear when the same green-tinged councilperson has run it for over eight years? Or maybe it’s a green tinged reporter who promotes the same old leader? Either way, it’s just funny!

Sue Savage, Hemet

While we occasionally have been critical of Councilperson Linda Krupa’s leadership in the past, we do not believe she is in favor of, nor responsible for, the proposed median strip along Florida Avenue. That said, it does appear that City Council has been been highly ineffective during the past three years in stopping this state-sponsored project that nobody here wants. To your scoffing at Rusty Strait’s article, we see nothing funny in this piece exposing Caltrans’ and State Rep. Chad Mayes’ (R-Riverside) unconcerned and obtuse posture toward the city administration and the tax-paying citizens of Hemet, whom they represent.
— Editor

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