Clever party uses for crepe and tissue papers

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Crepe paper and tissue paper can be used in many different ways to dress up event spaces or as the main components of crafts.

Crepe paper streamers and gift bags lined with tissue paper can often be found at parties. They’re certainly beautiful in these applications, but crepe paper and tissue paper can be used in many different ways to dress up event spaces or as the main components of crafts. Check out these clever ideas that can make parties even more festive.

Crepe paper puffs
Cut several strips of the same length from rolls of crepe paper. Gather the strips together and then tie in the middle using ribbon or twine. Crunch and fluff to turn the shape into a ball. Hang around the party space to coordinate with other decorative items. Make smaller ones to serve as napkin rings to really tie the look together.

Use a clear glue or decoupage adhesive to stick tissue paper or crepe paper to the outside of glass vases or square candle holders. Place an LED votive inside and cast a delicate glow on the party table.

Tissue paper pom-poms
Give partygoers a reason to cheer with these handmade pom-poms. Construct them just like the puffs above, only using longer strips of tissue paper. Wrap the ends around small dowels for handles.

Party bunting
Cut a long strip of yarn, ribbon or twine to string across the party area. Cut several pieces of crepe paper to the desired length. Fold each crepe paper piece over the yarn and staple to hold it in place. Repeat along the length of the yarn at the desired spacing. Hang for festive flair at your next fiesta.

Photo backdrop
Create an area where guests can pose for photos against a vibrantly hued backdrop. Place a long strip of double-sided masking tape on the wall. Cut strips of crepe paper the desired length and attach to the masking tape, slightly overlapping the edges. Repeat until you reach the end of the tape. Tape the bottom o the crepe paper to the wall so it won’t fly up when guests pose. Cover the tape top to bottom with a strip of crepe paper to hide the edges, then start snapping those photos.

Take home treats
Send guests home with a few candies wrapped in a tissue paper pouch. Cut rounds out of tissue paper and place the candy inside. Gather the tissue paper together around the candy and tie off with curling ribbon.

Tissue paper and crepe paper are versatile party tools and can help set the mood with fanciful decorations.

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