LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – January 17, 2019

Dear Editor,

Actual research time could have been spent by reporter Strait. Perhaps he could have reported on the Press Enterprise (Craig Shultz) article published on June 22, 2016.
Linda Krupa is quoted saying, “I think this ultimately can be a good project for Hemet.” She wanted landscaping at the time until the State said the City would have to pay for it. The article stated construction was “slated to begin in 2018 and would take at least a year.” Caltrans did not surprise as claimed by Strait instead, as was reported, Caltrans scheduled the project more than two and a half years ago.
The Valley Chronicle/Strait reporting Hemet was “hoodwinked” by Caltrans, who owns Florida (Hemet does NOT own Florida) still makes me laugh when reading the two year-old “real news” report from Press Enterprise.

It really is all about selling newspapers!

Sue Savage, Hemet

Rusty Strait replies:
Mrs. Savage is talking apples and oranges. The focus of my article had to do with Caltrans allowing the bid before sitting down with Hemet city officials and negotiating first. Call it whatever she wants but it was, in this reporter’s opinion, a dishonest gesture. Perhaps Mrs. Savage should check her facts, or lack thereof.

Dear Editor,

“Oh say can you see” Hemet – that is, at night, no less?
Do you have problems seeing kids on skateboards, pedestrians, elderly on scooters, etc. while driving around Hemet? I do, and I’m not alone.
At one time, our city was studying new street-light systems. Not a word recently about this needed fix, but I have a recommendation from the city of Carlsbad. That city was having problems with inadequate street lighting. They installed level-1 LED street lights, but they didn’t give out the needed light for the area they were trying to cover at night.
At last, they installed level-2 LED lights, and voila! Streets were safe once again.
If you are interested enough to check on these facts, Clayton Dobbs is the city official in Carlsbad who installed these LED lights. They were referred to us as “generation two” LED lights.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our “police blotter” section in The Chronicle had a reduction of crimes that were theft related?
Installing proper street lights would greatly reduce our thieving friends, and likely reduce pedestrian accidents.
I might even find enough bravery to walk our streets after 6 p.m.!

A tax-paying resident of Hemet,
Kate Dickinson

Dear Editor,

Thank you for running the article “5 Benefits to Spaying & Neutering” in the Jan. 10, Family Life and Pets page. I would like to mention the importance of microchips as well. Veterinarians and animal shelters have known all along that dogs and cats with microchips are more likely to be returned to their owners than pets without. Microchips have reunited hundreds of pets with their guardians. Of course, in order for a microchip to work, you need to register the microchip and keep your contact information up-to-date. Microchips are reliable and use nationwide registries, but they ultimately depend on the information that you give. So, remember to update your information and provide multiple emergency contacts in case your pet gets lost while you are out of town.

Pam Stull, Hemet

Dear Editor,

Why the ban on plastic bags? We now have to supply our own bags or pay for a bag. But WHY? If you buy a bag in a store selling groceries the bags purchased are plastic and if you buy merchandise in a store that does not sell food the bags are plastic.
I have witnessed shoppers walk into a store selling food, take items off the shelves and put them in their own bag and walk out without paying.
So my point being WHY? Why not go back to paper bags and forget the plastic?
Then there is an issue about plastic straws. Again why? In fast food places you just grab a plastic straw if you are eating in. If you are dining in a restaurant with servers, they are not allowed to offer or ask if you want one. But you can request a straw, which most diners do. The solution: restaurants stop buying plastic straws and go back to paper ones.
Next is the issue of our new Governor taxing tap water! Isn’t there a ruling or at least a saying “taxation without representation” is not suppose to be. I didn’t vote for this tax nor the gasoline tax either. So what gives? Water rates are high enough and then to place a tax on water?

Nancy Eller, Hemet

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