Citizens respond to Hemet Valley Incidents

Hemet Valley Incidents Facebook page

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Editor’s Note: Below is an edited comment thread from the public in response to various reports published on the “Hemet Valley Incidents” Facebook page. Majority of the posts on the page involve crime incidents throughout the valley.

Hemet Valley Incidents
Jan. 5, 2019: Reports of subjects shooting at each other. Suspects fled in a possible black Ford Taurus. HPD behind the vehicle conducting a felony traffic stop right now on Acacia and Palm. Vehicle is occupied by three to four subjects. One taken into custody physically and two others by gunpoint.

Dina Flyshur
Way to go Hemet PD. Thanks for bringing awareness to what we wouldn’t otherwise know since not everything is reported about this town in the news! Hemet has become the town to leave and never return. I can’t wait for that day to become my reality. I know crime is everywhere especially if you move to a city, but there are some great spots one can go! Research is key!

Hemet Valley Incidents
Dec. 27, 2018: Three subjects broke into Crown Gold Exchange on Sanderson and Acacia in Hemet. No items were taken.

Tracie Reopelle
It is unfortunate that in four minutes the police who we know lacks manpower, thanks to reduced operating budgets, couldn’t make it in time to bust these little punks. My guess is that local officers on duty were and are spread pretty thin. I am sorry for the business owner.

Johnny Chaney
Reply to Tracie Reopelle: So why are we being taxed so much more and not receiving better service?

Tracie Reopelle
Reply to Johnny Chaney: Too much government. Bureaucracy. Not enough of our taxes trickle down to needed services. They land in general funds and often are misappropriated from that fund.

Hemet Valley Incidents
Dec. 26, 2018: Suspect fired multiple rounds into the air during verbal exchange with another male in the area of Devonshire and Sanderson and refused to come out upon commands by Hemet Police Officers. Sources indicate that there were also rounds fired by Hemet Police Officers. Subject is in custody.

Alcauter Asylum
Suspect is lucky to be in custody and not in a body bag. Great job HPD. These are the split second decisions these officers have to make every day! Suspect is shooting at officers, yet he lives another day thanks to the Hemet PD and the training they have to make the call to not shoot this guy several times and end the standoff. #backtheblue.

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