Hawks peck away at Tiger boys

Boys basketball: SJHS were bested by Citrus Hill, 68-44

Corey Evan
“They’re the best team in our league! I love the competition, and just looking forward to seeing them again.” – Tiger Head Coach Antonio ‘Ace’ Moise.

■ By Corey Evan Reporter

What does any good team do when they get into a bad streak? As Michael Keaton once said in Herbie: Fully Loaded, “You pull out of it.” That’s what San Jacinto High School boys basketball team tried to do on Friday, Jan. 11, as the Citrus Hill hawks came to do some pecking. With a season record of 3-14 and having lost three of their four previous games, that’s all they could do.
It took the Tigers about a minute, but they scored the first two points of the game. The Hawks quickly got on the ball after this and began matching the Tigers move for move. After one quarter of gameplay, each team had 13 on the board. If you blinked, you might have missed it.
In quarter two, the Hawks began to climb above the Tigers score-wise; Citrus Hill would pick up an impressive 22 points, while San Jacinto struggled to get just four.
As the two breeds took their customary ten minutes to preen and sharpen their claws and talons, the award-winning San Jacinto High School Marching Band treated Tiger and Hawk fans to a selection of the tunes that helped them win first place in the Hemet Christmas parade. It was the least they could do to help keep Tiger fans going this game.
The Tigers started getting into their groove in the third quarter, scoring 16 points in the process. But it would take more than that to catch up with the Hawks, who in the same amount of time swooped in and picked up 20.
And even though they went into the second half with good momentum, the Tigers simply couldn’t keep it up; San Jacinto only picked up ten more points in the final quarter, as Citrus juiced them for another 13. With a final score of 68-44 in favor of the Hawks, the Tigers could at least relax now that it was over.
According to new Tiger Head Coach Antonio Moise, known to the Tigers as Coach “Ace”, his team’s lack of success this season can be attributed to growing pains. “This is a new era for us; What’s happening is they’re learning a new system, a new way to play. And it takes time. So, right now we’re trying to break old habits and trying to engrain new habits… A philosophy of ‘team basketball’, where it’s ball movement, player movement, and player spacing. They’re still learning here, and I’m looking forward to the future.”
Ace says he’s impressed with the Hawks’ consistency, though. “They’re the best team in our league! I love the competition, and just looking forward to seeing them again.”
With this loss, San Jacinto are now 1-3 in Mountain Pass League, 3-15 total. Citrus Hill improves to an impressive 4-0 and 15-6 as of press time.

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