LETTER TO THE EDITOR – January 31, 2019

Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on the article in the Jan. 24 issue of the Valley Chronicle concerning the Women’s March in Hemet. In the article, it mentions Emily Davison, a suffragette of the early 1900s who died under the hooves of King George V’s horse.
As Paul Harvey would say, “now, for the rest of the story.” Ms. Davison was at a race track where the King had a horse entered in the race. She purposely went under the guard rail; there is film showing her actions on that day. After she ran onto the track, she tried to grab the reins as the horse passed her. She was knocked to the turf and was trampled under the king’s horse. No one has found out why she did this, but she died of her injuries.
The jockey was seriously injured, as was the horse. The news article seems to give the impression that the King was at fault. He was exonerated in a court of law of any charges. I am in no way disparaging Ms. Davison. She was one of the first suffragettes and an honorable person. Just trying to set the historical record straight.

Wally Ingram, Hemet

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