SJHS student to travel to boxing nationals

Ezequiel Pelayo en route to the Silver Gloves National Boxing Championships representing San Jacinto

Sonia Ramos
Ezequiel Pelayo and David Flores (coach) at the San Jacinto Unified School district.

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“One step at a time. One punch at a time. One round at a time.”
Words to live by, as spoken by Rocky in the movie by the same name. Ezequiel Pelayo, a student in the San Jacinto Unified School District, is living them every day. Pelayo will be representing Boxing for Christ, a San Jacinto gym, and the valley at the National Silver Gloves Tournament in Missouri at the end of January.
The San Jacinto City Council has donated funds to purchase a bus for Pelayo and his team members to use as transportation to Independence, MO, where the competition will be held. Many have contributed to pay for expenses, including San Jacinto City Council member Andrew Kotyuk, San Jacinto City Manager Robert Johnson, San Jacinto City Lawyer Michael Maurer, Diane Perez of the San Jacinto Unified School District, the Rotary Club of San Jacinto and the Sunrise Rotary Club. So far $1,901 has been raised in total.

The birth of a star
Ezequiel Pelayo has worked hard to get to the National Silver Gloves Tournament, an organization for young boxers ages 8-15. He put on his first gloves when he was only four years old working with his father, Moises Pelayo, who was a former boxer. He eventually joined the Boxing for Christ gym and works out two to three hours every day after school and sometimes on the weekend. Mr. Pelayo is assisted by David Flores and a coach at Boxing for Christ gym who can usually be found coaching from the corner of the ring, working with on his technique and strategy. According to Ezequiel, “Boxing for Christ is a good gym.”

Sonia Ramos
Ezequiel Pelayo and David Flores (coach) after a fight.

“Ezequiel won his first three fights last October 2018, from the district. He fought three times in California (winning against Northern, South Border, and Central) last November 2018, and last December 2018, he won against New Mexico & Arizona opponents and became the Champion for the Silver Gloves”, said David Flores.
As for what Sonia Ramos, Founder of Boxing for Christ, has to say about Ezequiel: “I am very proud of Ezequiel. He is the only one from the gym that has gotten this far. Ezequiel is to fight for the US title in his division at the Nationals in Missouri and Ezequiel coming from this valley is great.”
Future plans
Ezequiel Pelayo, 14, is a student at San Jacinto High School. He plans to attend two years of college and then become a professional boxer.
Ezequiel’s parents, Moises and Angelica Pelayo, and his three brothers are very proud of what he has accomplished and are very supportive of his future plans.

Supporting Ezequiel
If you would like to send well wishes to Ezequiel and make a donation to help cover expenses, please contact Sonia Ramos at (951) 282-4945. You can also go directly to the Go-Fund-Me campaign sponsored by David Flores.

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