LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – February 14, 2019

Dear Editor,

Howard Rosenthal’s letters in the Valley Chronicle were enlightening. Thank you Mr. Rosenthal! Most people agree City of Hemet is not thriving. Most people suspect City Council of malfeasance.
In two separate letters, Howard Rosenthal fully documents City Council’s clear disregard for the law. Most people know about the Brown Act; it stops city officials from doing exactly what Hemet City Council did. The Brown Act requires a notice to the public 24 hours in advance of any meeting discussing city business when three or more council persons are present. Mr. Rosenthal clearly stated there were four councilmembers in Sacramento talking about Hemet business. I am on the distribution list for all city meeting announcements and did not get the required 24 hour notice. Hemet City Council did Mr. Rosenthal’s bidding and held a meeting in violation of the law.
Mr. Rosenthal states four of the five council members did his bidding and went to the illegal meeting. Karlee Meyer refused to go. She knew a Brown Act violation would occur. Kudos to Councilwoman Meyer.
I believe our city deserves better. I believe our city deserves to be run by law-abiding citizens who are not at the beck and call of a single person who wants them to disregard the law. Mr. Rosenthal wrote letters documenting the alleged Brown Act violation to the Riverside District Attorney.
Our Hemet needs help. This is a well documented opportunity.

Sue Savage, Hemet
Email: HemetTaxpayer@outlook.com

Editor’s Note: This letter is in response to Sue Savage’s letter. Both were sent on Feb. 9, 2019 via email to our editorial staff.

Thank you Sue.

Karlee didn’t go because she did not agree with the City Attorney who stated, for the record, it was not a Brown Act requirement because the city wasn’t holding a meeting rather city council members were attending a state meeting.
I know this because she called and told me that afternoon that she was listening to a friend’s advice who is a city attorney somewhere else. She was not comfortable attending the meeting even though the Hemet City Attorney and City Manager had both gone on record that the meeting was fine and not subject to the Brown Act.
That’s for lawyers, not for me because that’s not my expertise. But I do know that Hemet is going to be terribly harmed by the median.
What I also know is the City Manager, Councilmembers Meyer and Perciful absolutely ignored what had been recommended to agree to in Sacramento and to a council body in public session and responsibility to inform the committee that they did not honor.
Now maybe in the end there’s nothing they could’ve done to stop the median. But waiting 10 months from the Sacramento meeting to file action or to hire a lobbyist shows a lack of experience and a poor process.
The fact is, if we take all the personality and politics out of it and look at the last 24 months the current city manager and the current council have not accomplished a darn thing.
Instead, City Manager Allen Parker suggested bankruptcy during budget decision-making and Councilwoman Karlee Meyer tried to work the back door to get rid of our fire chief, even though he is highly supported and regarded. This all helped occupy a lot of the last year and a half! And that’s a fact.
Parker had knowledge from his first weeks on the job about the structural deficit of at least $2 million a year documented by an August 4 letter from the then acting City Manager Dave Brown addressed to Parker.
Public Works doesn’t have a clue regarding the management of how systems like water and sewer operate. Our supervisor suggested we could save $200,000 or $300,000 a year outsourcing the library to the county, which would mean we’d still have the library, yet no action.
The only thing I’ve seen for almost two years is Parker talk about bankruptcy because of the looming disaster of underfunded CalPers obligations when we know hundreds of cities in California are going to face the same disaster and we cannot fix that.
Ongoing talk across the staff about bankruptcy and negativities has evolved the Hemet’s city operation to be nearly useless when it comes to processing business and looking towards the future.
Management and the council need to quit wasting time on nonsense when they can’t even fight to save their own road opportunities or get creative, so that parents are not driving every day down Florida Avenue witnessing a street littered with bums and scum.
Much needs to be done in Hemet and the least of my concern is which “goody two-shoes” didn’t violate a meeting that she didn’t think was legitimate when the City Attorney and City Manager approved rather, this median is a very serious challenge for us all.

Howard Rosenthal

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