Well project to assure Hemet water supply

Replacement well will bolster quality and dependability of city water supply

■ By Tom Jones / Contributed

The Hemet City Council has unanimously approved the continuous upgrading of the city’s historically most dependable water well, No.10A, located at 777 Augusta Lane near the intersection of Kirby and Johnston streets. Originally drilled in 1943, the well provided some of the highest quality, most dependable water supply for 70 years until it was abandoned in 2016.
At that time the well underwent a planned rehabilitation, which was a project that was abandoned when it was discovered that the well casing was too old and fragile to be used. Instead, a new test well was dug at the same location which confirmed the quality and production volume of water could continue into the future. The test well and subsequent expansion to full production capacity was begun in 2017 and constituted Phase I of what would be a $2 million total project.
Phase II, which was just approved, will be for equipment installation and was awarded to Hidden Valley Pump for $584,000. In addition, a contract for $72,700 was awarded to Albert A. Webb Associates to oversee the project and assure that the installation follows State water quality standards.
The same aging process has claimed all but three of the city’s nine wells and Hemet has had to rely on the Eastern Municipal Water District and a Soboba water supply agreement for up to 60 percent of the city’s water needs, especially during the hotter summer months. According to Public Works Director Kristen Jensen, Hemet will need to continue addressing its water supply needs through efforts to place the remaining six wells back in service.

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