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Francisco Ramos joins Executive Board of California Democratic Party

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Francisco Ramos joins Executive Board of California Democratic Party.

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Editor’s note: This report was filed by Francisco Ramos, recently elected to the California Democratic Party Convention for District 42.

What a huge day Saturday was! The results are in. Our Deep Blue 42 ticket won 5 out of 7 of the “Other than self-identified female” spots, with two of our DB42 members becoming first alternates. Also, DB42 won three self-identified female seats. I am proud to announce, that I came in number one for the Executive Board and also in the “Other than self-identified female“ category.
In this entire process, I’ve had the chance to make so many new friends with fellow delegates. I want to congratulate all the winners and give a sincere thank you to those who ran but did not make it. The Democratic party needs all of our perspectives, and I will be reaching out to all of you to help guide our agenda.
I now commit to you that I will be asking many of you what things you would like to see me and the California Democratic Party work on. I will also be continuously updating you on the progress we are making, and the discussions we will have on so many of the pressing issues.
I hereby promise to continue to keep my eyes and ears on the people of our district. I have always believed that the people should lead, and that we, as delegates, should bring the most disadvantaged of those without a voice, of those on the fringe of prosperity, to the forefront. The everyday people who struggle to make ends meet, those who have insufficient healthcare, those farmworkers who labor tirelessly in California’s fields, the homeless who struggle to find continuous shelter and care; these are critical situations and the people our delegates should tirelessly advocate for. I make a commitment to you here and now, that these people and issues, will be at the forefront of my advocacy. The people will direct the agenda. When the people lead, democracy prospers.
As former UFW co-founder and organizer Dolores Huerta once said, “Every minute is a chance to change the world.” Brothers and sisters, let us advocate together, and continue to make our country “a more perfect union” as our Constitution says.

Si Se Puede!

-Francisco Ramos

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