Elderly Hemet man drives into a home and tree

■ Hemet Police Department / Contributed

Last week, an elderly Hemet man unknowingly drove through a residence and hit a tree after becoming incapacitated from a medical emergency.
In the early afternoon on Wednesday, Feb. 20, the Hemet Police Department received calls about a traffic collision that had occurred in the 2600 block of Silver Oak Way, in the Seven Hills Community of Hemet.
Several people had called 911 reporting a white Toyota truck that had driven through a front yard, collided into a home, and then ultimately hit a tree. When Hemet Police officers arrived on scene, they found the driver of a white Tacoma had collided into a tree on the side yard of a home near Jasmine and Basswood Way. Officers found the driver seated inside the truck with the accelerator pedal pinned to the floor. The rear tires of the truck were spinning at full speed creating a large cloud of dark smoke and a very dangerous situation. The only thing stalling the truck was the tree.
The driver of the Toyota appeared conscious, but did not respond to the officers repeated requests to turn off the engine. Making things even more difficult, the doors to the truck were locked and all the windows were rolled up preventing them from getting inside. Officers eventually had to break the passenger side window to gain entry, reach inside, and turn off the engine.
It was later discovered the driver, a 66 year-old Hemet man, suffered a medical emergency during the incident. He was unaware that he had been involved in multiple collisions. Paramedics arrived on scene to treat the man and he is expected to recover completely. Neither the driver or anyone else was injured as a result of the traffic collisions, however, several stationary objects were damaged.
It is unknown at this time what kind of medical emergency the man experienced at the time of the collisions.

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