LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – February 28, 2019

Dear Editor,

I have noticed that when I drive around the valley, I notice a “swap meet mentality” going on at quite a few of our city streets. You probably have seen the flower, fruit, tamales, flags, etc. being sold at many locations around the valley.
My first thought is, why does our city allow this? When I drive through Temecula, I do not see this. Does Temecula have more pride about how they want people to view their city? My other thought is, what about the businesses that struggle to make a go of it? They pay various fees to operate like local and state fees, employee costs, utility fees, rent, and so on. The people on the corners get dropped off with their products and start selling without all of that.
Traffic safety comes to mind about this issue too. If someone in a car abruptly stops to buy something, this could cause a distraction that then leads to an accident. Do these people have licenses from the city to operate and conduct business? When you have a garage sale, you have to purchase a permit from the city to have that garage sale. Do the fruit and tamale vendors have a Department of Health card from the State of California to sell food? The restaurant and grocery store workers that prepare food have a health card.
I’m sorry, but I do not purchase food from the trunk of a car that halfway through the day doesn’t even have any more ice on the cut fruit! When Valentine’s Day comes around, almost every street corner has cut flowers and cheap stuffed animal wrap-over baskets being sold by everyone and their cousins. I’m sure the stores that sell flowers really appreciate this.
Wow – cities of Hemet and San Jacinto, where are the “Code Enforcement” departments? It’s not like you have to look for [the vendors]; they are in plain sight on the same corners week after week, year after year. Officials, help our businesses and how people view our cities. If you want a swap meet, then set a portion of city land aside for this, so you can monitor it. Ask the businesses in your city if they even want you to do this. I am sure that someone will want to pick this apart, but think about how you want your city to be viewed by a business or home buyer that is considering this valley.

Michael Cushman, Hemet

Dear Editor,

The Hemet City Council’s opposition to making a state highway a better, beautiful, safer place to drive is stupid. Here’s why:

• Caltrans spent $10 million of state funds to improve Florida Avenue by resurfacing it with slurry.

• The City of Hemet has historically mismanaged the city’s frontage on the state highway.

• The City Council’s insistence upon buying the state highway when the city has no funds is stupid.

• The Highway Patrol did accident reports, and those reports show something has to be done to reduce the traffic problems.

• The five city council members think they are smarter than you, me, and even smarter than the state engineer.

• Businesses along Florida Avenue will actually benefit from the improved state highway.

• The utility poles along the state highway and Sanderson Avenue need to be underground.

The Hemet City Council’s priorities are upside down.

Jim Welker, Hemet

You have got to be kidding, right?

The State of California legalized the selling of marijuana. The State of California is a very liberal state. The State of California has been declared to be a sanctuary state. Are all of these statements true?
Cannabis is a product produced on the marijuana plant. Cannabis is used by many for its health benefit. True?
Why then was one female arrested, booked and held in custody in lieu of $30,000 bail for selling a controlled substance? If all of the above statements are true then this is a display of hypocrisy is it not?

Nancy Eller, Hemet

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