State of emergency declared for recent storms

San Jacinto Emergency Response Personnel recognized in the field by city council

Jacob Doane
The waters covered the roads and center dividers on the Ramona Expressway.

■ Jacob Doane / Contributed

Special mention was recently given to the men and women of the San Jacinto emergency response city personnel by San Jacinto City Council members. At a council meeting held on Tuesday, Feb 19, their efforts were recognized for aiding the public during extreme flooding throughout the valley brought on by recent heavy storms. The recognition was offered initially by Councilwoman Crystal Ruiz.
“During the rains I drove down Sanderson, water up to my door and our staff was right there. Blocking flooded roads and constantly working to fix issues as they arose,” Ruiz noted.
Torrential rain struck the San Jacinto valley throughout the week of Valentine’s Day. Due to the severity of the storms, City Director of Emergency Services Robert A. Johnson requested an immediate proclamation of a local “state of emergency,” which was approved by the City Attorney Michael J. Maurer.
A local state of emergency can be declared when officials believe a disaster has occurred or may be imminent that is severe enough to require aid in preventing or alleviating damages, loss, hardship or suffering.
The excess water created situations of extreme danger for drivers on the road as well as a threat of damage to property throughout the city. The Emergency Response Personnel immediately got to work in the time of need. While in the field they diverted traffic from flooded areas, assisted citizens stuck in the floods, and maintained the storm drains all around the city so that rainwater could be diverted away from city streets.
Councilwoman Ruiz encourages the public to thank these personnel when you see them in the field because when the unexpected happens, they will be the ones who reign in the situation.

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