Surprise! Snow blankets the region

A ‘California miracle’ blesses the San Jacinto Valley

Dolly Baxter/The Valley Chronicle
Our very own staff member, Dolly Baxter, was driving through San Jacinto when she noticed a considerable amount of snow from her car window. Hemet experienced more hail than snow, however.

■ By Taj Shorter / Metro Editor

Despite the fact that spring will soon be around the corner, the San Jacinto Valley was treated with a frosty surprise last week that hardly ever graces the likes of Southern California.
If it were around the holidays, some might refer to it as a “Christmas miracle.” However, since we’re far from the days of gift-giving and family gatherings, we can only attribute the snow to the recent storms Riverside County experienced.
Several victims and first responders were involved in swift-water rescues caused by flooding in the San Jacinto area. After heavy rainfall plagued the valley throughout the week of Valentine’s Day, the raindrops eventually turned into snowflakes and hail due to a drop in temperatures.
After the floods began drying up, citizens of Hemet and San Jacinto were driving throughout the valley noticing patches of snow and hail.
According to weather forecasters, the storm dropped up to a foot of snow near Mt. San Jacinto and up to 10 inches in Idyllwild.

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