HHS Bulldogs cue talent

11th Annual Hemet High Talent Show took to the Ron Murray PAC center

Photos by Corey Evan
Brianna Perez and Kaliyah Lloyd.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

When it comes to talent, you don’t “light a candle and hide it under a bushel,” you let that light shine. The talented Bulldogs of Hemet High School would shine their lights at their 11th annual talent show, hosted by the Ron Murray Performing Arts Complex.

Olivia Sorensen.

The show is put together annually by the Hemet High Associated Student Body grade 10 class, headed by Albano Fernandes. Kaili Uy, Gisele Burton, and Maria Donan, all 2021 class officers, hosted the evening.
According to said sophomores: “The sophomore class officers are in charge of the event by auditioning the acts, placing them in the program, and getting the needed promotions out for the student body will attend. The theater crew helps set-up all the lighting, sound, and all items on and back stage.”
All of those would be needed by these 10 very musical acts, all of whom were anxious to hit the stage:
Sylvia Torres offered audiences a musical “Olive Branch”
Jannelys Santiago whipped out her ukulele like Mindy Gledhill and did declare “I do Adore”

Good ‘Ol Twins.

A pair of brothers called the “Good ‘Ol Twins” (real names not given), went old-school as they went “Down to the river to pray”
Ashlyn Branka took to the piano like Sara Bareilles to ask audiences to “Send me the moon”
Olivia Sorensen also hit the piano, singing “My Salvation”
Angelic Figueroa declared in song that she was “Jealous.” Boys, watch out!
A group of friends known by the name 4-EN paid tribute to K-Pop by matching their moves to “Decalcomanie” by Mamamoo.

Ashlyn Branka.

Neionna Cash made like Meghan Trainor and told the audience she would love them “Like I’m gonna lose you”
Brianna Perez and Kaliyah Lloyd performed a duet of Bruno Mars’ “When I was your man,” which made one of the hosts wish they had a man.
Morgan Fitzgerald, wearing sparkling red, closed out the evening with a “Burning” rendition of the Sam Smith hit.
Judges Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Perez, and Mrs. DeWit then deliberated with a speed that would make Simon Cowell jealous. They decided the top prizes would go to these acts:
There was a tie for third, between pianists Ashlynn Branka and Olivia Sorensen

Morgan Fitzgerald.

Sorensen says she based her song selection on what she likes: “I decided to choose something from…Gabrielle Aplin, and I liked the piano with it too. So I play and sing.” Branka says she picked from Sara Bareilles for the same reason. “I heard the song and I decided this is the song I’d like to do!”
Angelic Figueroa would take home second prize for her performance. “I didn’t think I was going to win second but I’m glad I did! I didn’t expect to place at all.”
Our winner today was Morgan Fitzgerald, proving last is not always least. “Everyone was really, like, encouraging me, making me feel good about it. It’s nice to know that they all thought the same thing.”
The ASB expressed their gratitude saying, “The whole theater crew, our wonderful judges, and all of the amazing acts who performed. Also, we would love to thank Mr. Fernandes for guiding us through the organizing, and planning of the Hemet High School Talent Show Contest.”
This Friday, Mar. 8, is the annual Hemet High Dodgeball Tournament. Students and staff are raring to go head-to-head in the Ted Smith Sr. Gym and Fernandes says anyone is invited.

Angelic Figueroa.
Jannelys Santiago
Sylvia Torres.
Neionna Cash.

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