DMV treats the elderly differently

Dear Editor,

To fill out your story on the DMV, here is my tale:

Last November, I was 94 and renewal was on the calendar. I have had a clear record for years. When I went in, I was double-tested for the written or, at least, they tried. My first name is Salvatore, but the clerk gave me the wrong paperwork (for Salvador) and tried to make me take my written over. He missed 6, and I missed 1 question. When I refused to take the second test, and showed her the error, she got mad and said I had to take a driver’s test on the road. I asked why, she said, “You are over 90.”
I used to own an Airport Shuttle Co. and set up a DMV driving course for my 50 drivers, and the DMV approved. I would train them, then they passed the test, and the DVM approved.
I took the driving test with only two mistakes. You are allowed 22 mistakes while driving. My two mistakes were for coming up to a stop sign – I went a bit over the line – to see around the corner to make a right turn as instructed. There were obstructions at each corner. The instructor would not acknowledge that fact. But I passed with “GOOD JOB” written on the face of the test paper.
With all of the above, when I received my license, it was for only TWO YEARS!
I am sure being over 90, you are treated differently.

Salvatore “Joe” Formino Banning

Unfair tactics of Caltrans

Hemet taxpayers, businesses, and the community must rise up against the unfair tactics of Caltrans. We need to protest against this proposed median on Florida Avenue. We need to march down Florida and put our protest in view of what Caltrans wants us to roll over and accept. Isn’t this the way it’s done these days?

Agnes Kennedy, Hemet

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