Trespassing charge against Judith McPherson dismissed

■ By Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter

The trespassing charge against Judith McPherson brought by Harvard Street restaurant-owner Stephen Olguin (aka Steve Covington) back in September 2017 was dismissed Wednesday, March 6, in Banning Superior Court.
At the time of the incident, McPherson was attending an open public forum hosted by Hemet City Councilperson Karlee Meyer inside the Downtown Deli. When Olguin was informed by an employee that McPherson was in attendance, he summoned two officers from the Hemet Police Department to escort her from the restaurant.
Olguin later filed a complaint against McPherson for trespassing. The charge pertained to someone who is disruptive, then refuses to leave a business when asked to do so, a point of contention in the case and a charge the court determined was unfounded.
Over the years, there has been friction between the McPherson family and Olguin, both of whom are downtown business owners, but this situation reportedly had nothing to do with those differences.
Although her attorney, John Pozza, declined comment, McPherson had a brief statement: “I can’t say that I’m totally happy. I should never have been charged. I have had a stain on my good reputation that will remain.”

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