Envision 2040: SJ General Plan Visioning workshops

SJ Mayor Russ Utz working at Envision 2014 workshop.

■ By Gena Estrin / Contributed

San Jacinto’s mayor, Russ Utz, worked with citizens to develop a plan to improve the city’s transportation infrastructure at the second of three Envision 2040 San Jacinto General Plan Visioning workshops held this first quarter of 2019. The first in this series of workshops was held Feb. 21 where discussions were directed to the topic called “Values, Issues, and Opportunities.”
Last year, the Envision team invited guests at the Aug. 15 Kool Nights concert at Estudillo Mansion to give their input on preliminary drafts created from the initial workshops held previously. On Sept. 29, they held a street fair showcasing some of the many possible options the city could adopt.
On Thursday, Mar. 28, from 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. the third and final Envision 2040 General Plan workshop this spring will be held at the San Jacinto Community Center located on 625 South Pico Avenue in San Jacinto. The topic of this workshop is called “Land Use and Housing.” Food and drinks will be provided and all ages are welcome to attend. Find out more at www.SanJacinto.GeneralPlan.org.

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